The corona virus has been part of human everyday life for several months. And researchers from all over the world discover more details about the highly contagious virus every day. Now there are reports of new symptoms, which should particularly occur in children and adolescents. These are unusual skin changes, which are also known as “covid toes”.

Even if the researchers continue to advance research every day, many questions about the dangerous virus are still unanswered. However, with very few exceptions, children and adolescents develop very weak symptoms when infected with the virus. But there are signs that the virus can also cause more serious symptoms than previously thought. For example, doctors are now reporting on young patients with skin changes. In these cases, the doctors speak of “corona feet” and “covid toes”. Dark red bumps had formed on the hands and feet of the affected children. Then there were dark red discolorations, which later change their color to violet or bluish.

This phenomenon has been observed in numerous countries around the world.

Italian doctors call this symptom “epidemic” on skin lesions of the feet. In addition to Italy, numerous unusual skin changes in young patients are also found in the USA. That is why US doctors are now demanding that the “Covid Toe” be included in the list of official symptoms of the virus. The first cases of pseudo frostbite had also occurred in Germany. “In the past few weeks we have had more and more inquiries from dermatological practices where children with these pseudo-frostbite are presented,” confirmed Chalid Assaf, chief physician of the Helios Clinic in Krefeld to the “Welt”.

However, as the doctors also note, these symptoms always develop relatively late in the course of the disease. The doctors estimate that these skin changes will disappear on their own in ten to twelve days. It is not yet known why the virus causes these skin changes primarily in children and adolescents. The physician Chalid Assaf describes the novel Covid 19 symptoms as “a specific immunological reaction pattern”. It is to be hoped that the scientists will continue to find relevant data on the coronavirus, which will help to better understand the course of the disease.



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