Reit im Winkl is home to a very unusual golf club, which advertises that it is the only international golf club in Europe. Six of the 18 holes are in Tyrol, Austria, while twelve holes are on German soil. However, this caused problems during the Corona crisis, since the restrictions in Austria and Bavaria are different.

With the current restrictions, operating the golf course is now becoming a problem. Because in Austria it has been allowed to play golf again under hygienic requirements since Thursday, while in Bavaria this is still indefinitely prohibited. This is why a complicated situation arises for the club. President Evi Mittermaier (67) explains: “We can only open the six lanes in Austria and only for Austrians, because crossing the border is prohibited.”

The border runs exactly between lanes five and six as well as 17 and 18. The course is in excellent condition and the nice weather also suits the golfers.

Another curiosity was the fact that Evi Mittermaier could not be there when the course reopened. “Our clubhouse is on the Austrian side. And since I don’t have a work permit as President, I can’t cross the border at all, ”the President smiles. The sister of double Olympic champion Rosi Mittermaier (69), who herself was a skier, currently lives with her family on Lake Chiemsee. And Mittermaier hopes that the restrictions on the German side will soon be relaxed.

“We rely on guests, a golf course costs a lot of maintenance. Even if you are not playing, the lawn has to be taken care of, ”explains Mittermaier. The club president already sees further chaos coming. “” If you can play again in Bavaria, but the travel restrictions are not lifted, we have to make sure that nobody crosses the border. Otherwise they would have to be in quarantine for 14 days afterwards.


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