Capital: € 195 million
Age: 59
Born: April 3, 1961
Country of origin: United States of America
Source of wealth: Actor & singer
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Edward “Eddie” Regan Murphy is an American actor, stand up comedian and musician who is known for his hectic manner of speaking. He is the younger brother of actor Charlie Murphy, who died in 2017, and can look back on a remarkable filmography himself. Eddie Murphy is primarily seen in comedies and is also known for his voice acting role in Shrek, where he speaks the famous donkey. Murphy has a total of 10 children. Five of them stem from the marriage to Nicole Mitchell, with whom he was married from 1993 to 2006. He was also supplied with the former spice girl Melanie Brown, with whom he also has a daughter.

Early life

Murphy was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1961, the son of a police officer and an operator. When Eddie was three years old, his parents divorced, and he moved in with his mother. His father was murdered five years after the divorce. At the age of 15, the young Eddie Murphy gained experience as a stand-up comedian in a youth center on Long Island. After graduating from high school, he continued his career as a comedian. His cheeky manner and extremely fast manner of speaking became his personal trademark. In 1980 Murphy appeared on the Saturday Night Live program and was twice nominated for an Emmy for his accomplishments. He made his theatrical debut two years later in the leading role in the film “Only 48 Hours”. Due to the great success of the film, Murphy was nominated for the Golden Globe in the category “Best Young Actor”.


The final breakthrough came with Eddie Murphy starring in the film “The Lucky Knight” and in the well-known film series “Beverly Hills Cop”. In 1996 Murphy was nominated for a role in the film “The Mad Professor” for a Golden Globe, which he finally won in 2007, through a supporting role in the film “Dreamgirls”.

Career highlights

Murphy’s musical success was huge in 1985. With his single “Party all the time”, which was composed by soul radio operator Rick James, he achieved millions of sales and received a platinum award for it. In addition to his musical and acting career, Murphy was also active as a comedian. His two most successful live performances as a stand-up comedian were the two programs “Delirious” and “Raw”, both of which were recorded in Washington DC and New York. When he appeared in Washington in 1983, there were between 5,000 and 6,000 people present, and the program has enjoyed cult status to this day. The live recording was released on CD and sold under the title “Comedian”. Due to the great success and the high sales figures, the CD was awarded double platinum. “Comedian” was also awarded a Grammy in the category “Best Comedy Performance Single or Album, Spoken or Musical”.

By contributing to many Hollywood productions, Murphy received $ 55 million in fees between 2007 and 2008. Despite many film failures, Eddie Murphy is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, according to Forbes magazine, and was even nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2007 for his supporting role in Dreamgirls.


“Cocaine magnifies your personality. Yeah, but what if you’re an asshole. ”
-Eddie Murphy

So folks, this is really the cleanest and most comfortable patrol car I’ve ever sat in. Can I move in here with my wall unit?
-Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop 1

Amazing facts

Eddie Murphy claims to have never used drugs except for a few joints in his youth. He had also sworn off alcohol and, according to him, had been abstinent for over 18 years.


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