Since Florian Silbereisen sets the tone as the new captain Max Parger on the dream ship, a fresh wind has been blowing over the railing of the MS Amadea, which replaced the MS Germany a few years ago in the ZDF hit series “Das Traumschiff”. With 7 million viewers, Florian Silbereisen’s entry last December was extremely successful. It almost seems as if the cheeky Florian has brought the series to new life.

Both the producers and the other actors are equally enthusiastic about the smart entertainer. It is therefore not surprising that Florian’s word has some weight even after a relatively short time in the series. Florian is said to have requested a very special guest star for the episode that will be broadcast this Christmas. “I always want celebrities that nobody expects on the dream ship. Linda Evans was at the top of my wish list, ”reveals Florian with a smile. And the producers have heard Florian’s request, because actress Linda Evans (77), known from the US series Denver Clan, will now actually be part of the series.

Apparently, the production of the series spares no expense or effort. When filming the Christmas episodes, the team had recently stayed in a 5-star hotel in the Seychelles. So the actors couldn’t complain about the lack of luxury. No wonder that even under such conditions, top-class actors have their appearance on the dream ship. One almost gets the impression that Florian gets his wishes fulfilled from all sides. His predecessors as captains of the dream ship Sascha Hehn (65), Siegfried Rauch († 85) and Heinz Weiss († 89) were also valued, but should not have had as much of an impact as Florian Silbereisen. It will be interesting to see whether another guest actress requested by Florian will soon appear at the dream ship. And none other than his former partner Helene Fischer (35)! The ZDF spokeswoman Anja Scherer said: “That would be a nice story.” So this statement does not sound like a denial.


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