Net Worth: € 3 million
Age: 42
Born: March 4, 1978
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Musician and television presenter
Last updated: 2020

Short introduction

Giovanni Zarella is an Italian musician and television presenter born in Germany. In 2001 he became known as the singer of the band Bro’Sis.

Early life

The musician was born in Hechingen in 1978 to his parents Clementina and Bruno Zarrella. Since his parents are Italians, Giovanni Zarella grew up bilingual, just like his sister and brother. Giovanni Zarella took piano and organ lessons at a young age, and singing lessons were added from the age of 15. Giovanni Zarella and his family lived in Italy for some time in the 1990s. Giovanni Zarella therefore has Italian citizenship, he does not have German citizenship. At the age of 16 Giovanni Zarella founded the band Brotherhood. After reaching medium maturity in 1995 and after obtaining a technical college entrance qualification, Giovanni Zarella learned the profession of IT system administrator. Afterwards Giovanni Zarella went to Hugo Boss for some time.


Giovanni Zarella’s career began when he attended a casting for the Popstars program in Stuttgart on October 10, 2001 together with many other applicants. Giovanni Zarella won over the Juri with the song How Deep Is Your Love by the band Bee Gees. When he appeared on the re-call, he was successful with the song You Remind Me by the band Usher and was subsequently invited by the jury for the re-re-call with Way to Mars by the band Somersault & Xavier Naidoo. He then took part in another casting for the “airport show” that took place in Düsseldorf. There, the candidates first had to undergo dance training with the well-known presenter Detlef Soost and then take part in vocal coaching with Artemis Gounaki. Only then was it decided who was allowed to attend the two-week workshop in Ibiza. Giovanni Zarella was one of the participants. At the end of the casting and the stay in Ibiza, Giovanni Zarella was selected in a special program by the jury members Soost and Christensen in the band Bro’Sis. This band, which made Giovanni Zarella known, existed until 2006.

Career highlights

Giovanni Zarella’s first single was released in 2006 and was titled Ticket to the Moon. The song was a cover version from the ballad of the same name of his album Time, which was released in July 2006. His album Coming Up was released just a month later. Unfortunately the songs didn’t make it into the charts. After Giovanni Zarella had withdrawn from the music business for two years, the musician’s second single came out in 2008 with the title Wonderful. The song was an Italian-German cover version, which reached number 9 on the German single charts in one fell swoop and reached number 84 in the annual charts. In the same year Giovanni Zarella released his second solo album entitled Musica. In 2009 Giovanni Zarella was also the protagonist in the music video Forgive Me by Mario Venezia.

In 2010 Giovanni Zarella and his former bandmate Ross Anthony released the title song for the show I Can’t Dance Alone as a single. A short time later, there was a reissue of the second album Ancora Musica, which contained five new songs and immediately made 32 place in the charts. In 2012 Zarrella’s fourth solo single came out with the title Viva La Mamma, which was also an Italian-German cover. On the occasion of the European Football Championship, Giovanni Zarella released the song Forza Italia on YouTube in 2012. Also in 2012, he released the single Buona Sera Signorina as a download. The cover version of Bella Ciao by Mauro Mondello feat. by Giovanni Zarrella came out in 2018. This song was best known for the series House of Money.

In 2019 Giovanni Zarella signed a record deal with 221 Music. In the same year he published the pre-releases of his Italian-language hit album La vita è bella on the label. This includes the two singles Santa Maria and Il più buono, the second song being the Italian version of the well-known Roland Kaiser hit The Most Pious Can’t Live Peacefully. The third single release Senza te (Without you) was a duet with the singer Pietro Lombardi. This song landed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the single charts and made number 2 on the German album charts as well as in Austria and Switzerland the top 10.

Famous quotes

  • “And if it’s feasible, I’ll be happy to take everyone with me on trips. Of course, it is often the case that our son has football and our daughter has a performance, and then both go to school, so it is not so easy anymore. ”
  • “We create our moments when the children are at school. Then we go for breakfast or do wellness. ”

Amazing facts

Giovanni Zarella, as an Italian living in Germany, has Italian citizenship, but not German.


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