Capital: € 10 million
Age: 74
Born: 24.08.1945
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Father and former manager of Heidi Klum
Last updated: 2023

Short introduction

Günther Klum (* 1945 in Bergisch Gladbach) is a trained chemical worker. He is the father of the model and entrepreneur Heidi Klum. He is often referred to in the gossip press as Papa Klum.

Early life

Günther Klum was born in Bergisch Gladbach in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in 1945 and still lives there today. After training as a chemical worker, he went to the perfume manufacturer 4711, where he worked for 25 years. Günther Klum is married to Erna Klum, she is a trained hairdresser.


Günther Klum managed his daughter Heidi’s assets in the early years of his career and took care of all of their business. So that everything could run in an orderly fashion, the two founded several companies such as Heidi Klum GmbH & Co KG, as well as the wholly-owned subsidiary ONEeins, which is a model agency that is responsible for marketing Heidi Klum as part of the casting show Germany’s Next Top Model and whose candidates go. A prerequisite for working with Heidi Klum was that the finalists had to be willing to work with Günther Klum as a manager.

Günther Klum is often described as tough as hell in the media, and one could already read about him that he was a bitch and would tend to “moods, self-centeredness and the provincial”. Sources of the names mentioned include the evening newspaper, the star or the colorful. It was also said about Heidi Klum’s father that the top models run away and prefer to take cover when he turns the corner. By the way, the top models include such well-known names as Barbara Meier and Lena Gercke as well as Gina-Lisa Lohfink. If the girls are asked for an interview, they always refuse to answer questions about Günther Klum.

So there seems to be something true, if you believe the reports and reactions of one or the other top model when it comes to press inquiries that have to do with Günther Klum. This is a story that is probably emblematic of Günther Klum’s behavior. At the very beginning of her career, Heidi Klum once chatted that her mother regularly sent her licorice to the United States to get homesick. A little later this was in the press and Günther Klum tried to turn it into an advertising deal. Günther Klum then really succeeded, because instead of a warning for the illegal advertising with his daughter Heidi, the enterprising father turned it into a worthwhile advertising deal, which became known as the Katjes deal.

However, the whole thing had no nice aftermath for Günter Klum, because he was suddenly out of the show after the first season of GNTM. In contrast, Heidi Klum hired a man with the GNTM mascot Bruce Darnell, who was loyal to her on the show for many years. About Günther Klum, many well-known asterisks such as Fiona Erdmann and other as well as unknown asterisks say that they do not want to miss anything and therefore will not make any statements.

Günther Klum had one thing ahead of many other managers: like no other, he looked after his daughter’s interests directly and personally. This could go so far that he personally picked up the listener for every detail, personally corrected even the smallest captions and became loud if his wishes were not immediately followed. In doing so, he could get a little out of order if the situation made it necessary. There is also an anecdote from the Munich evening newspaper, so father Klum kept every journalist away from his daughter Heidi Klum. Only after the Munich evening newspaper’s promise that Heidi would get on the cover was a reporter approaching the paper. If a newspaper dares to print fewer pages instead of the promised seven pages after the interview with Heidi Klum, Günther Klum could also be very uncomfortable. It is no wonder that there is no more collaboration with Heidi.

Career highlights

The highlight of Günther Klum’s career is undoubtedly the business activities and support of Heidi Klum in the early years of her career. Today Heidi Klum has taken her business into her own hands and is extremely successful. The extent to which the relationship with her father takes shape is largely covered by Heidi Klum. Her father is said not to have been a guest at her wedding last year.

Famous quotes

“If someone says: This is the producer of the most beautiful woman in the world, then I feel like a breeding bull.”

“Boah ey, boah ey, boah ey.”

Amazing facts

Günther Klum rose from a normal employee in the company 4711 to one of the most famous managers in the world. He owed it to his daughter Heidi Klum, whom he was able to look after in the first years of her career.


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