Capital: € 3 million
Age: 55
Born: 2/24/1965
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Football coach / former Soccer player
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Hans-Dieter Flick (abbreviated Hansi Flick) is a former soccer player and current coach at FC Bayern Munich. He started playing football very early in his childhood and has had a few junior positions. After the juniors, he remained loyal to his last junior club at SV Sandhausen and played for the first time with the men.

Other positions as a player were FC Bayern Munich and 1. FC Cologne, most of the missions as a player with FC Bayern Munich.

To this day, after his active career as a player, he worked either as an assistant coach or as a coach. He was able to maintain his passion for football over the years.


Hansi Flick was born in Heidelberg on February 24, 1965, and has been involved in football since he was five. According to his own statement, there were only two options for “Hansi” at the time, so he could only choose between the football or music club in his home town.

From the start, the decision was clear to him that it should be the football club. After completing his school education and technical college entrance qualification, he decided to train as a bank clerk.

This benefits him to this day, because he is considered a very down-to-earth person privately and professionally, which should also pay off financially for him.

So his sporting career went from SV Sandhausen to FC Bayern Munich, a big step considering that at that time he was moving from the Oberliga to the Bundesliga. He then received his first license player contract with FC Bayern Munich at the age of 20, for which he played around 104 games from 1985-1990. Then he was under contract with 1. FC Köln, but his career in Cologne was not so good because he had to deal with protracted injuries during this time. As a result, he played his last Bundesliga game at just 28 years before he ended his active professional career. Flick also played in the U-18 national team for Germany, making two appearances.

In his coaching career there are a little more stations, so he coached TSG Hoffenheim, was an assistant coach at Red Bull Salzburg and has been head coach at FC Bayern Munich since 2019.

Career highlights

As a player, he won four German championships with FC Bayern Munich, one DFB Cup winner, one DFB Super Cup winner and was a finalist in the European Champion Clubs’ Cup (now known as the Champions League).

Flick was already able to record some successes as an active player, and he continued this success in his coaching career. So he became assistant coach with the German national team world champion in 2014, third in the 2010 world championship and second at the European championship in 2008. Before his career as assistant coach with the German national team, he won the 2001 Oberliga Baden with TSG Hoffenheim -Wuerttemberg.

Amazing facts

Hansi Flick lives with his wife in Bammental, the two have been married for 30 years. He was made an honorary citizen of Bammental and ran his own sports shop until three years ago.

He also has two daughters with his wife Silke, the godfather of the older daughter is Lothar Matthäus. For him, his creed in raising children was an Indian proverb that says: “As long as children are small, try to give them roots, if they are large, then give them wings.”

His reaction to the semi-finals of the 2014 World Cup against Brazil has also shown that he is truly a down-to-earth person. Because when the German national team cleared the Brazilians 7-1, his instruction was before half-time that excessive cheering was forbidden, so he didn’t want to be clapped or provoked.

Furthermore, after the successful World Cup 2010, Hansi Flick and his trainer team were awarded the coveted media prize “Bambi”.

In this case, a special prize was awarded to the troops around Flick and Löw.


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