Walking holidays are absolutely trendy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s trekking, leisurely hiking or mountain hiking. Hiking combines two pleasant things: activity and relaxation. Everyone can set their own pace and enjoy the most beautiful picture book landscapes.

There are romantic views, rivers or castles to admire. In other regions you can admire wonderful summit backdrops and hike fantastic high-altitude trails. In South Tyrol there is a flair of Dolce Vita from Italy that mixes with the scents of fresh fruit from the Dolomites. Family hiking has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Hiking tours with overnight stays in your own caravan

In the past, parents made their children go for a walk on Sundays. Then it went into the forest or the next mountain. It’s different today. For many families, hiking has become a quiet outdoor spectacle. They often go on tours lasting several days and spend the night in various huts along the way.

These huts are fully booked, especially in the high season. So it makes sense to go on vacation with your motorhome or caravan. A tent and hiking holiday can also be an exciting adventure for the whole family.

Protection against moisture in the caravan

Those who own their own caravan or motorhome can count themselves lucky. Families always have a suitable place to sleep for everyone. However, there is often a small problem: The air in the caravan is musty. Windows and doors are closed all day because everyone is out hiking.

At night the doors stay closed at least because everyone is in bed to sleep. This keeps the moist air inside, and the lack of circulation contributes to the creation of damp spots. There is a risk of mold formation and therefore a risk to the health of the users. Once the moisture has penetrated the caravan and all the upholstery and wooden parts smell musty, the damage has already occurred.

Then thorough ventilation does not help either. Prevention is much more effective. If you cannot regularly air during the day, you can use a mobile, electrical dehumidifier . The condensation-based devices prevent waterlogging and mold stains.

Protection against mosquitoes

What is always annoying when camping is the mosquitos. They attract human smells, for example in used clothing or exhaled CO 2. That is why camping holidaymakers are a popular destination. The annoying pests disappear with special small devices in which a plate is inserted that contains the anti-mosquito active ingredient d-allethrin. d-Allethrin is an active ingredient from nature that occurs in a certain type of chrysanthemum. The small devices evaporate the substance on the inserted platelets, which releases the active ingredient. A protected area is created in the immediate vicinity of the small evaporator within about ten to 15 minutes.

Tips for beginners

Figure 2: The right equipment also includes a couple of decent hiking shoes.

The most important thing for less extensive hiking tours is the right preparation. No experienced mountaineer would come up with the idea of just starting to run without preparation, especially not for a longer tour.

This includes meticulously checking the equipment for completeness and malfunctions. They plan the route, listen to the weather forecast and listen to severe weather warnings, snow conditions or the like. Many problems, even in everyday life, could be avoided with a little planning.

Step by step

For hiking, it is enough to be able to put one foot in front of the other in order to reach the destination at the end. Every step brings the hikers a little closer to their goal or the desired summit. Many paths are littered with obstacles, then it is important to adapt your own movements to the obstacles, for example a jump over the small stream. With a larger river course, it makes sense to look for the next bridge.

Some routes can be covered faster, others have to walk a little slower because, for example, it is very steep. But every step, no matter how small, brings the goal a little closer.

Divide the forces

Figure 3: The golden rule always applies to hiking: everyone carries their own backpack.

Many hikers make the mistake and start charging straight away. Many forget that the tour will take a few hours. In order to cope well with a long distance, it is necessary to move smoothly and slowly. Even at the beginning, the steps are careful and leisurely.

There is no use in rushing away. Anyone who tries very hard right from the start cannot enjoy the surroundings at all. With a lot of effort, the perception is directed to completely different things, such as breathing or tiredness, which quickly spreads.

In order to reach your destination on a longer hike, staying power is necessary. In the long run, this can only be guaranteed by slow movements with care.

Take short breaks again and again – to enjoy the view

The big goal of every hike is to reach the summit. But the way is also important. Therefore: stop and pause every now and then, listen to the birds chirping or how the wind makes the leaves or the grass rustle. In the end it is a very satisfying moment when the goal is reached.

Head for nice places for the camper

The hikes are nice. But a little hiking holiday in the family is a little more. After the hike, there is a delicious meal for refreshment, perhaps in a nearby beautiful restaurant. Or maybe the campsite is so beautiful that the family prefers to sit together, grill, eat and spend a nice evening.


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