Anise schnapps at midnight

Andrea Kiewel (54) has been a familiar face on German television for many years. But how can the moderator of the “ZDF television garden” switch off after their shows? She explains this in a conversation with the “Bild am Sonntag” . She also explains why she also lives in Tel Aviv.

“I have an apartment in Frankfurt and one in Tel Aviv. In the ‘TV garden’ season, I usually arranged it for me to get on the plane at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday and unlock my small apartment in Tel Aviv at midnight, sit on the balcony with an arak and come down, ”reveals Kiewel. Arak is an aniseed schnapps. After a show, you “hurt everything”. That is why she describes her job as “really the most beautiful hard work that you can imagine.”

Israel is a very special retreat for them, because nobody knows them there. “As much as I love my job in Germany, but I’m the TV woman and I always try to match this picture. I’m always a bit public, ”explains the moderator. In Tel Aviv she has “family, lots of friends and also a very special person. But I don’t say any more about that, it’s just mine and I protect it very strongly. ”

In Israel, Kiev can also concentrate on itself. “I’ve been caring for others for over 30 years – and now I’m caring for myself too,” she says. “This life in Israel is now my version of: Now the way it is best for me. And when I come back, I’ve filled up with so much love that I can pass it on again in Germany. ”The 54-year-old experiences her“ personal version of freedom and happiness ”- and that includes, for example, cycling to the sea, too to go out in a slobber look and just be “a few days without fixed dates”.

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