You only know him as a cheerful ray man, but now he tells a sad story! Howard Carpendale, a legend of the hit scene and a veteran in show business. He seems to be in a second heyday and is also celebrating success with newcomers like Kerstin Ott. But now he spoke in an interview about his life, his family, children and wife and confessed tragic things! It was about life and death!

Shortly before the start of his new tour “The Show of My Life” Howard Carpendale gave the “SUPERillu” a long interview and confesses sad! He has often discussed his wife’s alcohol addiction, but never as emphatically and clearly as this time! “No one knows what we really went through. […] It was a matter of life and death, ”Howie says frankly. It was a terrible fight for both and Howard was always by his wife’s side. In the end they were able to beat alcohol together and as a sign they got married after 30 years, 2018! Howie no longer wants to be without his Donnice, he confessed frankly: “We don’t know how long we will have with each other.” Therefore, he would like to take precautions, close things and try to “have a solution for everything.” Also for his own death he wants to have everything arranged!

Many people are afraid of it, Howard Carpendale is tackling the issue offensively! What happens after his death, a topic that is very close to his heart! “I often wonder what happens to my wife when I’m gone.” But his thoughts also apply to his sons Wayne and Cass: “I know that it may be over tomorrow. So you have to talk about things that move you deep inside. “Because Carpendale hopes:” Maybe in retrospect you can say: ‘Ok, it was awesome. Dad had a great life. ”- his sons should think of him with a smile when they look back. One should take an example from Howie’s attitude!


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