So far, April has spoiled Germany with sunshine and warm temperatures. But in the last week of April, some areas now have to prepare for rain and thunderstorms. In addition, the risk of a storm threatens to increase.

Hoch Odilo Germany, who came from Scandinavia, has long spoiled itself with splendid and warm weather. But the high is now slowly saying goodbye, which is why you have to be prepared for more clouds throughout Germany. The clouds will already increase at the weekend, but the weather will only become really volatile at the beginning of the new week on Monday. It can even lead to rain and thunderstorms. This is due to a low-pressure area that moves to Germany via the southern Baltic Sea. At weekends, people in large parts of Germany can still enjoy the pleasantly warm temperatures. But on Saturday the clouds on the coast, on the edge of the Alps and in eastern Germany begin to increase. The chance of rain remains low at the weekend.

Even on Sunday it remains covered in the north, while the rest of the country can expect sun. According to the DWD, more and more cumulus clouds are gathering throughout the day. Especially in a strip from the Black Forest to the Berchtesgadener Land, there can be individual rain showers. For the direct edge of the Alps and the southern Black Forest, individual thunderstorms with heavy rain are expected. Temperatures will be 11 to 17 degrees in the north over the weekend and 17 to 23 degrees in the rest of the country.

As of Monday, the German Weather Service is already warning of some weather hazards. On Monday there will be single strong thunderstorms with heavy rains in the southwest and south. The probability of a storm is low. It will be more dangerous on Tuesday: Then storms with heavy heavy rain should be possible both in the south and in the middle of Germany.



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