She is the second best friend of the woman (after the handbag!) And the perfect accessory to create a stylish look: the sunglasses! But not every shape fits every face. Who would have thought that fashionistas could use old football wisdom of all things: The round must be square! It’s the other way around too.

The shape of the sunglasses should not be too similar to that of the face. So if you have a rather round face, you shouldn’t buy glasses with oval glasses. Square models are much more advantageous. These form a nice contrast to the soft chin area, stretch and make us appear narrower. Even drop-shaped glasses like the Aviator fit well here, as do square models and brow-line glasses with a solid, wide horizontal. The narrow, rectangular glasses from the 90s are also on the rise again. Models like Bella and Gigi Hadid have been fans for a long time!

Typical for a heart-shaped face is a high forehead, pronounced cheekbones and a tapering lower jaw. The best thing to pair with this is sunglasses with round lenses. It ensures a visual balance between the chin and forehead. Brow-line glasses are not recommended because they focus on the broad forehead.

As already mentioned, the round must be square! Aviators and cat-eye shapes are ideal for square faces. The latter are particularly in demand this season as XS sunglasses with a futuristic shape and side cut-outs. They bring more femininity to the rather masculine features. The reason for this is the long and relatively narrow face shape, which is complemented by an angular chin. Rimless glasses can counteract this and loosen up the strict facial features.

With oval faces, the facial bone area is slightly rounded, the transition from cheek to chin is fluid: the “oval type” can be happy because his face is an all-rounder. Angular, teardrop-shaped, round or extremely narrow – whatever you like is allowed. While oval sunglasses create softer contours, square models set accents and, for example, highlight the cheekbones. Depending on the fashionistas, cat-eye, aviator, retro and glasses with or without a border can sit on your nose!


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