Capital: € 5 million
Age: 30th
Born: 13.09.1989
Country of origin: Seattle (USA)
Source of wealth: Youtuber, entrepreneur
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Karl Ess is one of the best-known fitness youtubers in the German-speaking world. Since 2012 he has been running his own channel with several hundred thousand followers and millions of views. Furthermore, Karl Ess is active as an entrepreneur in various areas and sells his own fitness program and supplements for training.

Early life

Karl Ess was born the son of a German and an American in Seattle, USA in 1989. However, he spent much of his childhood and youth in Germany. After school, he got on with some part-time jobs before finally studying industrial engineering in Stuttgart. This course of study was to change his life forever, because here Karl Ess met his later, long-term business partner Ralf Sättele.

With this, Ess founded various companies that are still active and profitable today.

Over the years Ess developed into a successful and very prominent Youtuber and at the same time also a multi-entrepreneur and pioneer of the vegan scene.


His companies today include the Pro Fuel supplement brand, a chain of gyms called Fit One and the clothing brand Gym Aesthetics. Due to his fame and his conviction that the vegan lifestyle is the healthiest, Karl Ess also became a leading figure in the vegan scene. The busy entrepreneur knows how to use this image skillfully and of course also sells a wide variety of products made from vegan raw materials.

His extroverted nature and some decisions in the past made his path very difficult. Still, Ess kept the focus and went up his stairs step by step to success. Videos with expensive watches and sports cars have also given him rumors that he is just a show-off and a catcher who wants to enrich his fans by advertising overpriced products. However, such rumors could not harm him, because his fans are loyal to him and continue to support him. Karl Ess is now also active in finance and career coaching. In paid courses, he gives insights into the life of an entrepreneur and explains how his success was possible.

Career highlights

2012: Launch of his YouTube channel
2014: Opening of his fitness studio in Stuttgart
2014: Founding of the juice manufacturer Juicery in Munich
2019: Opening of The Healthy Secret restaurant in Stuttgart

Famous quotes

“I am on a journey to grow, learn and motivate others to do the same.”

“Everyone has to question themselves and allow positive changes in their lives on their own account.”

“There are two ways to learn: either through your own mistakes or through the success of other people.”

“I became a YouTuber with the goal of becoming an entrepreneur. For a company to be successful, it is important to have a certain level of awareness. ”

The quotations make it clear once again how Karl Ess thinks and how he is also knitted in an entrepreneurial sense. He is very keen to keep developing. Be it business or private. However, in his opinion, besides a lot of hard work and perseverance, a certain cleverness is also part of it. He does not have to master everything himself perfectly, in some places it is easier and more effective to get experts on board. His unconditional will to become an entrepreneur and to record success has made Karl Ess what he is today: namely, a successful and well-known entrepreneur who does not get discouraged even in difficult times and holds on to his path.

Amazing facts

Karl Ess is an enthusiastic collector of expensive and rare watches. He now has an impressive collection, which he presents, at least in part, to his fans on social networks.

In addition to watches, Karl Ess also has another expensive hobby: cars. He has several valuable luxury cars in his possession, but they are also changed relatively often, which is why it is difficult to say exactly how many cars Ess has.

Ess has been a staunch vegan for years. Today he even has a hybrid car with vegan seats. Still, he doesn’t believe in “converting” others to veganism. Rather, he wants to stimulate people to think and hopes that they will find a healthier and vegan life themselves.


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