Corona doesn’t stop at the Bundesliga either, now Mats Hummels is having a whole new experience and is at home! “I never, really never” …

Mats Hummels has struggled with the sudden restrictions caused by the corona crisis after many unsettled football years. “We are always on the go a lot, it was a bit strange to be at home for a week at a time,” said the 2014 world champion to the Spotify podcast. Mixed hack: “I usually never, really never did.”

For “two or three weeks”, however, he has fully engaged in the situation. “We train in small groups, it’s worth gold to get out,” he said of the situation at Borussia Dortmund. “Otherwise I am at home and have rediscovered the 20-year-old Playstation child in me. It really takes a lot of time from the day: training, eating, cooking, Playstation. ”

Contrary to his plans, Hummels put the topic of self-optimization on the back burner. “Mails, letters, transfers, housekeeping, I thought I would really hang in there, it would all look sparkling clean,” he said. “But everything looks like it used to be, I only do it one day a week. I don’t want the rest of it.


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