Some people can see their age clearly, while others are generally lucky to look younger. Mareile Höppner was apparently blessed by nature with eternal youth. Because the attractive moderator seems to be refuting all natural laws on time for her 43rd birthday.

While many people of Mareile’s age are already struggling with signs of aging, the pretty presenter seems young as ever. No wonder that the attractive Mareile is followed by numerous followers on social media. Because the moderator knows exactly what she owes her fans and often rewards them with hot photos of herself. Apparently, the natural laws apply to the pretty Mareile Höppner only to a limited extent. No wonder that the moderator lets her fans share her perfectly trained body. Shortly before her 43rd birthday, Mareile once again delights her fans with a particularly spicy photo.


Mareile Höppner has been attracting tons of followers on Instagram since August 2016. The pretty presenter has already made over 1,000 entries during this period. No wonder that more and more fans visit Mareile’s profile every day. Because even at 43 years old, Mareile is far from being an old iron. Her latest photo literally tears the fans off their seats. Because there Mareile Höppner shows that even in your mid-40s you can still look young and crisp like a 20-year-old. In a photo, the moderator shows a revealing insight into her cleavage. But that’s not all! In another photo, Mareile presents her plump flip side, which also causes enthusiasm among fans. If it was still needed to prove that over-40 women can also convince with physical attributes, then Mareile Höppner has impressively demonstrated this with her photos.



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