Ariel Winter (22, “The Last Movie Star”) made a rather painful mistake in the kitchen. Actually, the “Modern Family” actress just wanted to try out a new recipe. “I chopped four onions and everything was good – I just got new knives. Then I wanted to chop a peeled tomato and then cut off the upper part of my thumb, ”says Winter in the US program“ Access Hollywood ”.

At first she could not understand all of this. “I felt like I should cry, but I just couldn’t believe it,” said Winter. Her finger “bled so much that we had to go to the hospital”. Her friend took her cut fingertip with her.

In the emergency room, a nurse then gave her a plastic bag with the thumb piece. But Winter didn’t know “that the tip of my thumb was in it, so I accidentally threw it away.” In the end, everything went off lightly for her.

“I mean, it’s the tip of my thumb, it definitely hurt and it wasn’t fun,” said Winter. But she is fine.


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