Terrible tragedy at one of the most popular bathing lakes in Leipzig! Numerous Pentecostal visitors had imagined this holiday on Lake Cospuden to be quite different. Because early in the morning around 7 a.m. the body of a young man was pulled out of the famous bathing lake. Since the circumstances of the death are rather puzzling, the police have now started their investigation. In any case, the police investigation on the east beach continued until late afternoon.

The corpse floating on the lake was discovered by joggers around 7 a.m. The athletes had pulled their bodies out of the water to provide first aid, but unfortunately they could only determine the death of the man. Later a backpack and a bicycle were found on the beach, which must have belonged to the dead. The joggers then notified the police. When they arrived at the lake, the police found unclear injuries on the body. This led to a forensic investigation, in the course of which the section of the beach was cordoned off.

Subsequently, the local officials also requested police divers to search the bottom of the lake for suspicious items. So far it is not clear to the emergency services whether this case is a crime or an accident. “We are currently investigating in full – from the accident to the crime,” said police spokesman Olaf Hoppe. During the investigation, hundreds of day trippers watched the officers at work. At least the police were able to identify the dead relatively quickly. It is a 22 year old man from Saarbrücken. However, as police spokesman Hoppe confirms, it has so far been completely unclear where and why the young man from the south-west had been in Leipzig. So far, the officials cannot say whether he was alone at the lake or was traveling with a group. The police are now asking any witnesses to contact them on the phone number: 0341-96646666 if they have seen the man on his silver racing bike.



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