Capital: 6.4 million euros
Age: 32
Born: 05/01/1988
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Youtuber
Last updated: 2023

Short introduction

Patrick Mayer, known on YouTube as Paluten, is a German YouTuber. With 3.57 million subscribers, he owns one of the most popular German YouTube channels. He mainly publishes Let’s Plays and Vlogs there. Most recently, he also worked as a successful book author.

Early life

Patrick Mayer was born in Hamburg. As a small child, he regularly watched his cousins play on Nintendo and was enthusiastic from the first moment. According to his own statement, the day on which he received his own console was the best day of his life. Let’s Player Toby Turner was his personal favorite YouTuber and inspired him to finally open his own YouTube channel.


On October 17, 2012 he founded his channel of the same name under the name Paluten. If he uploaded Let’s Plays from Need for Speed at the beginning, he switched to Minecraft after a while. His Minecraft videos quickly gained popularity. His playlist Minecraft Freedom was particularly popular. In it he spanned an ongoing story about his in-game character and the pig Edgar, which served him as a mascot, over 380 episodes. Numerous other well-known YouTubers such as Zombey, Rewinside, GermanLetsPlay and many others appeared in the videos.

In addition, Paluten published a number of other popular video series on his channel. In the 200 episodes of Bedwars week, he dueled with a variety of well-known YouTubers, talking to them on the side. He also played Happy Wheels over 700 episodes. In each episode, he played levels created by his fans. In addition to his Let’s Plays and game-oriented content, Paluten also regularly publishes vlogs on his channel in which he talks about his daily life. In addition, he often plays animations made by his fan base.

From October 2016, he rented his own office together with the YouTubers Dner, Izzi, Rewinside and Sturmwaffel. The group regularly published videos on the common channel CREADERS. The office mainly used Paluten for virtual reality projects and real life videos. In June 2018, the joint project was discontinued and the office was closed.

In March 2018, Paluten published his own book entitled Freedom: The Schmahamas Conspiracy, in which he continued the story of his Minecraft in-game character Paluten from the Minecraft Freedom series in a novel form. The novel quickly jumped to number one on the fiction bestseller list for hardcover books. In June 2019 he published his own comic book entitled The Golem King. This story was also in his Minecraft Freedom universe. According to his own statement, the publication of another novel is planned for spring 2023.

Paluten’s YouTube channel now has 3.57 million subscribers. He also has a Twitter account with 1.1 million followers and a successful streaming channel on Twitch. His great popularity has meant that his monthly income for his YouTube channel has regularly been between EUR 40,000 and 60,000 in recent years. He also cooperates with various advertising partners and operates a successful online shop that sells his personal merchandising.

Career highlights

On May 31, 2014, Paluten was the first winner in the Minecraft project “Varo” after over forty days of play. In addition, a separate map for his Bed Wars was dedicated to the largest German Minecraft server. The following year, his popularity increased rapidly and he managed to gain over 800,000 subscribers within 12 months. He is now one of the 10 largest German YouTubers. In 2017 Paluten was nominated in the Gaming category for the German Web Video Prize. According to the reason, he belongs to the top of the gaming scene in Germany and is one of the web video makers with the greatest reach.

He achieved his greatest success outside of YouTube with his book. In 2018, this was not only number 1 on the bestseller list, but also held the top positions for half a year.

Famous quotes

“I’m just a human being and sometimes I’m just a fool.”

“I’m a YouTuber, I never go to jail.”

“Moin folks and welcome to a new episode of…”

Success tips

Paluten emphasizes the importance of regular interaction with fans. He always takes the time to read the comments of his viewers in order to be able to better assess how he arrives with his respective content. He also emphasizes that contact with his fan base can also give rise to ideas for new videos and formats.

Furthermore, according to Paluten, the pre-planning of videos and content is important, but should not lead to spontaneity and creativity falling by the wayside. He sees the creative chaos in his videos as the main reason why they are viewed so often.


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