Capital: € 3 million
Age: 55
Born: 08.09.1964
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Musician
Last updated: 2023

Short introduction

Peter Brings is a musician and also a founding member of the band Brings. The band was founded in 1990 by the brothers Peter and Stephan Brings. Brings is a dialect band from Cologne.

Early life

Shortly after the band was founded, their first album called Zwei Zoote Minsche was released in 1991. In this context, it was important for the two brothers to differentiate themselves from other people. Peter Brings said immediately after the debut album was released: “Any direct connection to Cologne would have been fatal. We could have immediately registered for the splendid meeting with Prince Carnival. ”

In the following two years the album Kasalla was released in 1992 and the album Hex’n’Sex in 1993. The two brothers also had the opportunity in 1991 to support Billy Idol as well as Transvision Vamp from Simple Minds in Cologne and in 1993 at Rock am Ring. Another highlight in the band’s history was an appearance in the sold-out sports hall in Cologne, also in 1993. Television in the form of the broadcaster WDR also became aware of the band and from 1993 onwards it helped them to appear on the Rockpalast program. Another highlight at the beginning of her career was appearances as a supporting act for AC / DC, Simple Minds and Tom Petty.

With their first big hit Nur mer two, the two brothers and their bandmates made it straight to number 56 on the German charts. On the record you can hear other well-known songs like Katharina, Ali, Nix is Verjesse, Ehrenfeld and To the Sea, which by the way was even intended as a song for the film Knockin ‘on Heaven’s Door. The song Handful of ze fresse was even voted “Song of the Year” by SWR3.

Incidentally, Peter Brings also caused a stir with his own political goals. He performed with the well-known AG Arsch huh and concert in 1992 on Chlodwigplatz in Cologne. With more than 100,000 spectators, it was the largest concert Peter Brings had so far. In addition, he was able to win the longtime guitarist of the band BAP, Klaus Heuser, as a producer of several songs. He produced with and for him the albums Zwei Zoote Minsche, Kasalla, Fünf as well as Fünf + 4.


In the following years the band Brings got a little quieter until the year 2000 came. With the song Superjeilezick, which was based on the song Those Were the Days, the band around Peter Brings had the greatest success so far. Especially during the Cologne Carnival, the song, which was actually just a birthday serenade for the band, became a long-running hit. In 2001, in collaboration with the Wise Guys, the song Stolz was recorded for the album Very Far Front.

In addition, after the unexpected success of the song Superjeilezick, there was an intensive discussion among the band members about the musical style of the band, which tended to move away from classic rock and more towards party and mood music.

The band’s other stops in 2003 were the UZ Press Festival in Cologne. Brings also had another hit during the 2004 carnival season with the Soing Poppe, Kaate, Danze. In 2005 Peter Brings composed the song Hoch, Höher, Haie for the sports club Kölner Haie, which has even become the club’s unofficial anthem. In 2006, the song Football is Our Life, produced by Jack White on the occasion of the 2006 World Cup in Germany in 1974, was reissued in the German charts and was able to hold its own in the charts for a whole month.

The 2006 single Hay! Hay! Hay !, which has the reputation of trivializing and glorifying drug use, may no longer be played by the band in consultation with the festival committee of the Cologne Carnival at their carnival events. Hay! Hay! Hay! was then released as an album in 2007. In 2007/2008, Peter Brings released a cover version of the song “Don’t cry for love” sung by actress and singer Zarah Leander during the carnival season. Peter Brings and his band landed in the top 50 of the single charts with this single.

Career highlights

In the film Knockin ‘on Heaven’s Door, Peter Brings was able to demonstrate his skills as a guest actor because he had a short appearance there as a nurse.

Famous quotes

“Any direct connection to Cologne would have been fatal. We could have immediately registered for the splendid meeting with Prince Carnival. ”

“I had everything in my mouth and nose, saw, smelled, tasted.”

“I had a racing heart, real panic attacks. I stood there and started crying while singing. ”

“I didn’t close my eyes at night. I went to the gigs as a zombie. Walked barefoot at night to feel the moss. ”


Amazing facts

Peter Brings was an anonymous alcoholic for many years.


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