The 7000th episode of “Good times, bad times” is also celebrated elsewhere: The men’s magazine “Playboy” publishes a digital special edition for the anniversary of the long-running RTL. The highlight: she combines the shootings with the “GZSZ” actresses, who already dropped the covers for the magazine.

Iris Mareike Steen (28), who has been playing Lilly Seefeld in the series since 2010, was chosen as the cover star. In 2015 she was seen for the first time in the men’s magazine – an experience that Steen apparently was consistently positive about. “I still like to think back in time, back in New York five years ago. It was an amazing experience for me and I was so grateful for the support and encouragement that I received from all sides, ”she recalls.

Not only Steen will be shown again on the over 50 pages. In the Special Edition, actresses Ulrike Frank (51), Sila Sahin (34), Nina Bott (42), Isabell Horn (36), Uta Kargel (38) and Bonnie Strange (33) also get their shell-free appearance. The special edition with the “GZSZ” actresses is now available in the Playboy magazine shop .


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