Capital: € 20 million
Age: 53
Born: 12/02/1966
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Entrepreneurs
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Ralf Dümmel is a successful entrepreneur from Germany. He became known as an investor in the VOX series “The Lion’s Den” and quickly became a favorite with the public. Dümmel is managing director of the trading company DS Products. During his time at the Lion’s Den, he invested more than anyone else. Ralf Dümmel was born in Bad Segeberg and is considered down-to-earth and authentic. He is married to TV presenter Anna Heesch.

Early life

Little is known about Ralf Dümmel’s private life. However, it is clear that Ralf Dümmel started his career at the DS Products trading company in his early professional life. At the age of 22 he started as a sales assistant in the company. Ralf Dümmel was able to climb the career ladder within the company. In 1996, 8 years after joining the company, he was able to join DS Products at the age of 30. Not a bad record. He has held the position of managing director since 2000 and has since successfully managed the company’s fortunes.


Since Ralf Dümmel has been managing director of DS Products, the group has been able to develop and become even more important. DS Products expanded abroad and now has successful subsidiaries, both in Poland and in Hong Kong. This international expansion is largely due to the efforts of the managing director Ralf Dümmels, who always believes in big goals. Ralf Dümmel should already have amassed a good fortune through his work at DS Products. There are no exact figures about his salary, but with an annual turnover of around 250 million euros, the managing director should get his share. Dümmel has also been a member of the VfB Lübeck Supervisory Board since 2015.

Awareness and another lucrative source of income Ralf Dümmel achieved in 2016 when he appeared as an investor in the third season of the VOX TV series “Die Höhle der Löwen”. In his time, he invested more in the show than any other lion.

How much he earns as a jury member is not known. The profits from the investments made, however, should have been worthwhile for Dümmel. Dümmel made 23 investments during his time as an investor and gave the respective young entrepreneurs a chance. For his investments alone, Dümmel founded DS Invest, which buys into the new start-up companies and manages and manages the fortunes of the entrepreneurs.

His nickname “Mister Regal” clearly refers to his target group. Dümmel is always on the hunt for new, innovative products and is not afraid to devote himself to non-conventional topics such as bad breath after eating garlic or untearable tights. He invests in products and people and expects a lot from the entrepreneurs. No wonder, with an investment of over 3 million euros. When things get “stupid” again at “Die Höhle der Löwen”, the investor, who is always joking, lets his experience in the area of market introduction flow in.

Dümmel has already been able to bring products to the public with great success, such as the drain fairy, the indestructible tights Battalion Belette, the drink Papa Türk, the ironing clou or the spread Malzit. The profits from the completed investments are not known. In an interview, Dümmel stated that he was not interested in selling his shares as quickly and profitably as possible. He and his employees at DS Invest are contact persons for the founders and wanted to support them in the long term. A sale of the shares would be closely coordinated with the entrepreneurs.

Career highlights

Ralf Dümmel was able to take on the position of managing director at DS Produkte in 2000. Since his work on the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen” he has become very well known and has invested over 3 million euros in start-up companies.

Famous quotes

“Hard work, hard work, fighting for goals and the courage to think big are simply part of entrepreneurship.”

“I mainly invest in people and not in numbers. If the perfect team also brings the brilliant product idea with me, I can no longer be held. ”

“You should always invest in the right people and remember that you have to have fun doing what you do.”

Success tips

Ralf Dümmel is a down to earth and extremely experienced entrepreneur. His many years of professional experience and the fact that he learned his professorship from scratch help him today in making investment decisions and managing the company. Dümmel proved to be a generous entrepreneur who wanted to make everyone he invests into a millionaire. He stands behind every project with heart and all his knowledge and experience.

Dümmel recognizes new products with potential. His specialty is in the area of product launch, this is his parquet and there he has extensive international relationships. This networking helps him to implement large projects and push start-up companies. Dümmel embodies this networking. He believes it is difficult for lone fighters to make a product big, even if it is innovative. You have to find and win partners. Build trust, set goals and then fight for them. His experience and business relationships are some of Ralf Dümmel’s great secrets to success.


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