There is enough test capacity! The RKI therefore calls for more testing. All noticeable respiratory diseases should be tested!

Robert Koch Institute recommends general testing of respiratory infections

Berlin, Germany | AFP | Friday April 24th, 2022 – 13:32 UTC + 3 | 301 words

NEW: RKI warns of a landslide on further loosening, reacting to possible outbreaks after school openings

To curb corona infections, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recommends general testing of respiratory diseases. The tests are no longer linked to the condition that there is sufficient test capacity, said RKI Vice President Lars Schaade in Berlin on Friday. On the one hand, there are more test options, on the other hand, the cold season is over and “more hits” on Covid 19 diseases are expected.

Last but not least, after loosening the initial restrictions, it was “particularly important” to recognize corona diseases even with weak symptoms, emphasized Schaade. “We strongly recommend that everyone with a respiratory infection, whether cough or fever, should also be tested.”

At the same time, the RKI expert warned of negligence given the relaxation of contact restrictions. The fact that Germany has come through the epidemic relatively well so far is thanks to the early and strict measures.

Schaade pointed out that within a few weeks around 5,300 people had died from the lung disease Covid-19 caused by the coronavirus, “and unfortunately more people will die”. There should now be “no landslide on further easing,” said Schaade.

If there were more contacts again, there would be more infections. “In the worst case, we can quickly reach a point where the epidemic is no longer manageable,” warned Schaade.

In view of the gradual school openings, the RKI does not rule out possible infections, but the risk can be minimized by various measures. It is important to react very quickly to an outbreak in a school in order to prevent the virus from spreading further. If this happens “regularly and frequently”, one has to consider “putting the measures back on,” said Schaade.

According to the RKI, the question of whether the spread of the coronavirus could be stopped with the summer season similar to that of the flu cannot be answered. There are still no figures on whether summer makes a difference and whether the virus may be inactivated in warm air and by the sun’s rays, said Schaade.

Earlier, a U.S. government advisor reported that UV rays appear to kill the pathogen. He referred to an experiment by US government scientists.


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