Capital: € 20 million
Age: 60
Born: April 13, 1960
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Former soccer player, soccer coach and sports director
Last updated: 2022


Rudi Völler is one of the best-known names in German football. He has had a say in German football for several generations: as a player, as a coach and as sports director at Bayer 04 Leverkusen. His career had ups and downs. His decisive share in the third world champion title of the German national team in 1990 and the vice world champion title, which he surprisingly achieved as a coach in 2002, remain in special memory.

Early life

Rudolf, called »Rudi«, Völler was born on April 13th, 1960 in Hanau. Völler came from a working-class family; his father was a trained lathe operator, his mother a cleaning lady. His father, who later worked as a warehouse manager, was also a youth worker at TSV 1816 Hanau. He had also played there himself. He brought his son to training for the first time in 1968 and so his football career began. It quickly became apparent that Völler had a greater talent. His stormy qualities quickly crystallized and he was discovered by a talent scout at the age of 15. So he moved to the Kickers Offenbach in 1975, where he remained in the youth team until 1977 before he made his debut in the first team at the age of 17.


Völler started his professional career in the second division with the Kickers Offenbach and stayed there until 1980. In the same year he moved to the first division club TSV 1860 Munich, which was relegated this season. Völler also played in the second division in the second season at 1860, but then moved to Werder Bremen. From 1982 to 1987 he played 137 competitive games for Werder Bremen and scored a remarkable 97 goals. From 1987-1992 he played for AS Roma, then moved to Olympique Marseille and finally spent his career evening at Bayer 04 Leverkusen from 1994 to 1996. Here he ended a profile career of almost 20 years.

He falls in love with Bayer 04 Leverkusen as sports director. Until 2000, another chapter in his career was opened: that of coaching the German national team.

Shortly after the European Championship in 2000, Völler took over the position of team boss. In 2002, the DFB selection surprisingly reached the final of the World Cup in South Korea. A great success for Völler as a trainer. Two years later, at the European Championship, he could not follow this success: the team already eliminated in the preliminary round, whereupon Völler declared his resignation. After a short intermezzo as a trainer at AS Roma, he returned to Bayer 04 Leverkusen as sports director.

Career highlights

As a player

– Vice World Champion: 1986 (German national team)
– World Champion: 1990 (German national team)
– Vice European Champion: 1992 (German national team)
– Coppa Italia: 1990/91 (AS Roma)
– Champions League winner: 1992/93 (Olympique Marseille)

As a trainer

– Vice World Champion: 2002 (German national team)

Famous quotes

– “We’re 50 percent in the quarter-finals, but it’s not half the battle.”
– »Bavaria is an excellently managed club with an excellent team. This is really a world club. But why should I go to Bayern Munich? It is difficult to get into a team that has been successful for years. What else can you achieve with Bayern Munich? At most become European Cup winners. I wanted the whole new challenge. «
– »In Leverkusen, everyone who brings a vuvuzela to the stadium is locked up.«
– »Except for Franz Beckenbauer, everyone had to experience that the popularity ceased after the end of his career. Hardly anyone speaks of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, even though he wrote football history, with and in Germany. Or Toni Schumacher, who was considered the world’s best goalkeeper for a few years. When he was kicked out of Cologne because of his book, the newspapers were full every day for a week. Nevertheless, he realized how difficult it is to find a new club. Once you are out of business, you are quickly forgotten. «
– »Anyone who does something like that has never loved football.«
Völler’s criticism of Jansen’s decision to end his career too early – from Völler’s point of view.
– »Switching from the dream world to real life is not so easy for many players.«
– “Franz Beckenbauer? A guru who once played soccer. «

Amazing facts

– Günther Netzer was Voller’s great idol.
– No Bundesliga player has ever scored more goals in his first 100 games for a club; there were 73 in the first 100 games for Werder Bremen.
– Rudi Völler was one of the last two players of the German national team who still had a mustache. The other was Jürgen Kohler.
– Due to his curly hair, Völler was nicknamed ‘Tante Käthe’ as a player.


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