Just recently it was decided to reopen the schools in Germany after the corona virus forced break. So far, however, only students of the examination classes should appear for lessons. It will therefore take a while for all students to receive lessons again. That is why politics is now looking for ways to make teaching possible for all students again.

Since a sufficient distance between the students is necessary in schools, numerous classes have to be reduced. That is why Federal Minister of Education Anja Karliczek does not want to rule out any possibilities and is now even advocating it

Teach students on Saturdays if necessary. In this way, the minister would like to compensate for the previous hourly loss caused by the corona crisis.

“The school year shouldn’t be a lost school year for the children. It won’t be easy. And if it is better that children go to school alternately, ie only every other day, it may be necessary to use Saturday to teach every three times a week, ”the Minister of Education told the“ We ”.

A shortening of the summer vacation to use this time for teaching is not under discussion for the Minister of Education.

“There are a few other ways to compensate for the loss of lessons, which we should use first. For example, one could think of voluntary summer courses during the holidays, ”said Karliczek. The minister also showed understanding for the advance of some federal states, the so-called

Want to stay seated this year. “Behind this is also the concern that children with learning difficulties will be further disadvantaged by the crisis. That drives us all. There are children who do not have their own room at home to study in. That alone makes everything even more difficult for them. It is therefore necessary to consider how these children can be specifically supported in schools themselves, ”said the minister. The Minister of Education also believes that homeschooling has not yet had the desired success, as some students still do not have a PC or other device to take part in class in this way.


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