Oliver Pocher is known for his pointed tongue as well as for his coarse humor and snappy ridicule. But now many people wonder whether the comedian sometimes straddles the bow. Anyway, Anne Wunsch is at the end of her tether. She suffers from the fact that Oliver Pocher publicly draws on her.

For a few weeks now Oliver Pocher has been enjoying making public statements about celebrity colleagues and influencers. In the beginning, Pocher only focused on Michael Wendler, but now he seems to have taken a liking to publicly criticizing other celebrities and influencers. Has the comedian finally gone too far? In any case, Anne Wunsch has suffered from the comedian’s attacks so badly that she has now allegedly suffered a nervous breakdown.

On Instagram, you can see the 28-year-old in tears. There Anne explains to her fans how bad she really is. Anne also announces that a friend who wanted to protect her from Olli has also been the victim of hate speech.

Her car was allegedly sprayed with white paint and she even received a threatening letter. “And now I ask you: Where does comedy end and where does bullying begin? It hurts so bad that I get up howling and howling back to bed. It’s going too far because it affects not only me but also my girlfriend, ”says the completely distraught Anne. And she addressed the following words to Oliver Pocher: “You wanted to see me on the floor? You did that. ”So far the comedian has not wanted to comment on these allegations.


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