Because of "simple design"

Maike Kohl-Richter (56), the widow of Helmut Kohl (1930-2017), is committed to ensuring that the former chancellor's residence and the adjoining “special guard” of the police at Marbacher Strasse 11 in Ludwigshafen are listed. According to a report by “Der Tagesspiegel”, the responsible monument authority in Rhineland-Palatinate has now given a corresponding request from Kohl-Richter.

From the files of the Federal Chancellery, the reason given for this decision is "that the private home of the former Chancellor and the police station on the neighboring property have no monumental value due to the simple architectural design and the changes in the building stock of the buildings that are preserved today after interventions". This conclusion was reached "after thorough research" and "with a comparative view of the preserved private residences of other former chancellors and federal presidents".

The guard should have been demolished two years ago before this project was postponed “prompted by the owner's request”.



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