In large parts of Germany it has been sunny and warm in the past few days. But now a nourishing cold front threatens to drop the temperatures significantly. Hail and storms are even expected in isolated cases. Is the cold of sheep striking this year?

In Central Europe, there is a significant drop in temperature almost every year in June, during which the temperatures drop by about 5 to 10 degrees within a few hours. In this weather phenomenon, which occurs 89% every year, one speaks of the so-called cold of sheep. Sheep cold is a meteorological singularity that can be expected to occur between June 4th and 20th. This weather phenomenon brings a lot of cold air to Germany, which causes the temperatures to drop drastically. For the almost annual cold snap in June, however, the meteorologists made a fairly simple explanation. While the mainland heated up very much in June, the seas around Europe are even cooler. These different temperatures form a low pressure area that brings cool and humid air to Germany from the northwest.

In recent days, picture book weather had prevailed in large parts of Germany. But that is probably the end of the day, because in the next few days there will be unpleasant dirty weather. The German Weather Service (DVD) expects storm gusts, heavy rain and in some areas even hail from the middle of the week in the northeast. The weather conditions throughout Germany will change at the latest on the night of Thursday. Extensive rains sometimes threaten. Then a rain front spreads all over Germany. Temperatures drop to 15 to 20 degrees in the west. The meteorologists are sure that this uncomfortable weather will last at least until the end of the weekend. Shortly before the start of summer, most people would have expected better weather.



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