The insane attack in the middle of Corona! Was it a terror act? In the middle of Hanau yesterday two men randomly stabbed passersby! Several people were injured!

As can be seen from reports, last night several men attacked four passers-by in quick succession! The victims (17/23/23/26) had stab wounds to the emergency room! The perpetrators were initially able to flee. The background to the crime is so far unclear, it may well be an act of terrorism, the selection of the victims seemed completely indiscriminate! According to police reports, all men had beards, one is about 20 years old, 1.90 meters tall, muscular, dark blonde and wore shorts. The investigation immediately went into full swing!

The immediately alarmed police forces immediately started an extensive search, a helicopter was also used. The Hanau public prosecutor’s office has taken over the investigation. According to a witness, two Hanauer (23/29) were temporarily arrested. They were questioned on Wednesday. You are in custody. According to Turkish media, there was previously a dispute in front of a Turkish snack bar. Notes: 06181-100-123.


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