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Four “The Masked Singer” entered the grand finale of season two, but gradually the field of participants thinned out on Tuesday evening. Which TV and music greats were hiding under the remaining costumes and with which assumptions the rate team was right from the start? Here are all the answers.

A hare, a dragon, a sloth and a wuschel – this was the final, at least for a short time. Because after the rabbit Jerry Lee Lewis ‘”Great Balls Of Fire”, the dragon “Wonderful Life” from Black, the sloth an extremely lively performance from Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song” and the whisper “My Way” from Frank Sinatra Having given the best, the first decision was made. The last woman was taken out of the race with the rabbit.

The tips of the rate team, this time consisting of Rea Garvey (46), Ruth Moschner (44) and last year’s winner Max Mutzke (38, “Welt behind Glas”): Sonja Zietlow, Martina Hill or Janine Kunze. And one of these women should actually hide under the rabbit mask. It jerked and twitched, then jungle camp presenter Sonja Zietlow (51) gave up her plush camouflage after playing hide-and-seek for several weeks.

Now it was up to the lords of creation. Which songs did the three remaining finalists want to convince? The dragon tried it with the “Casino Royale” title song “You Know My Name”, the Wuschel performed “Through the Monsoon” by Tokio Hotel and the sloth showed his soulful side with James Arthur’s “Say You Won’t Let Go”. Then it was time to say goodbye – from the dragon.

Who the rate team suspected under the mask: Gregor Meyle or Andreas Bourani. And here it was right once again. Thoroughbred musician Gregor Meyle (“None is like you”) sang round after round under the 35 kilogram dragon costume. After his departure, the 41-year-old announced that the two-week “The Masked Singer” break had to be taken because of him, among other things. He had been infected with the corona virus.

Rompers against sloths, feelings against bandwidth: In the very last duel, the finalists brought their favorite songs onto the stage again. And so you could hear James Arthur’s “Naked”, the sloth “Kiss” by Prince. The decision was made shortly thereafter. The winner of the second season “The Masked Singer” is the sloth – and for the Wuschel it was time to unmask.

The advice from the rate team: Mike Singer or Wincent Weiss. And lo and behold, another hit. Pop singer Mike Singer (20, “No”) had been captivating the audience for weeks.

Then the last unveiling just before midnight. Several names had already been mentioned for the sloth during the show: from Giovanni Zarrella to Tom Beck and Sascha Vollmer to Stefan Raab. But who was under the costume? Indeed, it was none other than actor and musician Tom Beck (42).

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