Why did Georgina Fleur (30) and Kubi Özdemir (41) leave “The Summer House of the Stars” after only three days? Didn’t the couple leave voluntarily? And did the two come back? The rumor mill is bubbling …

As the “Bild” newspaper wants to know, there should have been a huge bunch of celebrities this weekend. Alcohol was said to be involved. “Image” also reports “a violent, palpable argument”. Nothing is known about the reasons. Security forces are said to have accompanied the couple when they left the house. Will the dispute be seen on TV? In the past seasons, viewers have repeatedly witnessed violent word battles.

The station denies reports that Georgina Fleur and Kubi Özdemir have already returned to the farm in Bocholt, in the north-west of North Rhine-Westphalia, after their flash-off. On RTL.de it says that the two “have not moved back in”. At the request of spot on news, the station did not want to comment on whether a celebrity couple would move up for them.

The celebrity flat share, however, gets growth from ex- “Bachelor” candidate Eva Benetatou (28) and her fiance Chris. Their move was already certain before the departure of Georgina Fleur and Kubi Özdemir – and has further potential for conflict. Because Eva Benetatou vied for Andrej Mangold (33) in the RTL dome show “The Bachelor” in 2019 and made it to the finals. But he chose Jenny Lange, with whom he also participated in the “Summer House of the Stars” ( also via TV Now ) in 2023.


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