From Harvey Weinstein to Joe Exotic

During the Corona crisis, people around the world currently have to spend most of their time in their own four walls. However, some celebrities are exempt: they are currently in prison. In jail, the risk of infection is rated even higher. However, applications for the release of prominent inmates for fear of the virus have so far largely been denied.

The exception: US rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine alias Daniel Hernandez (23). He was released early in April . The 23-year-old belongs to the risk group as an asthma patient and spends the rest of his sentence in house arrest. He now has to wear an ankle bracelet for four months. But which celebrities are currently bracing behind bars? Who has survived Covid 19 disease? And who wanted to get out of jail?

Former comedian and actor Bill Cosby (82) was found guilty in autumn 2018 of sexual assault. He must serve a prison term in Pennsylvania, USA, for a minimum of three years, and a maximum of ten. Due to his old age, he falls into the Corona risk group. But Cosby was “out of the question for a pardon by the governor” because he was convicted of being a sex offender. This was confirmed in April by a spokeswoman for the responsible prison agency “USA Today” .

Joe Maldonado-Passage (57), better known as Joe Exotic from the Netflix show “Tiger King”, is serving a 22-year sentence in America. Among other things, he is behind bars for cruelty to animals and contract murder. The former zoo owner was brought in isolation to a medical facility in Texas, according to his husband Dillon Passage , after several corona cases were confirmed in the prison he was in in Oklahoma. In isolation, he should not have access to a PC, phone or library.

Singer R. Kelly (53) has been in custody in Chicago since summer 2019. He is accused of several sexual crimes. He will be tried in Chicago (probably in autumn 2022) and in New York (planned for May 2022). However, his application for release from prison for the risk of corona infection was rejected in April. Judge Ann Donnelly justified her decision because R. Kelly was at risk of “fleeing or trying to hinder, threaten, or intimidate potential witnesses.”

The fallen film mogul Harvey Weinstein (68) was sentenced to 23 years in prison in New York in March 2022 for third-degree rape and sexual abuse. After a hospital stay, he was behind bars. At the end of March it was said that he had Covid-19. Weinstein showed symptoms such as cough and fever and had to be isolated for two weeks. In April, US media reported that he had survived the disease. However, new charges of suspected sexual assault await him in Los Angeles. Weinstein rejects all allegations of non-consensual sex.

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