With the latest photos that Model Violet Summers (20) uploaded to Instagram, the gentlemen of creation, in particular, should be quite warm. Because now the model with the dream body is almost completely naked. In her other posts, too, the young lady is not stingy with sexually stimulating content. It almost seems as if Violet wants to explore how far she can go on social media known as a prude.

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TGIF? tan lines or nah..?

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And this strategy also seems to be paying off in full for them. More than 5.6 million followers now follow the lady with the dream body on Instagram. This high number of subscribers undoubtedly has something to do with the stimulating content that the attractive model regularly publishes. The beauty has now uploaded a four-part photo series that should particularly delight many men. Because the attractive Violet can be photographed in the super-tight mini bikini. Less material would hardly have been possible, otherwise Instagram would have guaranteed to censor the provocative photos. With the tight top, Violet can only hide her nipples and the thong really only covers her most intimate place.

If you look around on Violet’s Instagram profile, you will find numerous crisp photos of the model that really only pass censorship by a hair’s breadth. This “sex sells” strategy definitely pays off for the model. Meanwhile, Violet Summers is in all social media and attracts droves everywhere. On Facebook Violet writes: “I love to travel and explore my sexuality. I am very open and love to meet new people. ”Well, one can only hope that Violet will continue to spoil her followers with her sexy photos for quite some time.


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