Two people die in quick succession during forestry work and a motorcycle accident. Fichte (Thorsten Merten) suspects a connection with the rock band “Die Wölfe”, which had recently appeared from southern Germany. But he needs Commissioner Krüger for his investigation. But Krüger (Christian Redl) refuses, he is in a deep crisis of meaning. There is a break between the two investigators. While Fichte tries to solve the mysterious deaths together with the ambitious police candidate Luise Bohn (Alina Stiegler), Krüger has withdrawn deep into the forest.

Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) and Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) met in America in the early 1960s. Both men found out as children that they are not like other people. While Erik can generate huge magnetic fields, Xavier can read minds. Together they persecute former concentration camp doctor Shaw (Kevin Bacon). The scientist had killed Erik’s mother 20 years ago and is now about to provoke a nuclear war between the superpowers. Xavier is helping U.S. intelligence to stop Shaw – not an easy task because the villain and his allies also have super powers.

The third part of the great nature documentation begins in the salt pans and semi-deserts of Kalmykia. In the river bed of the Urvolga, which fell dry thousands of years ago, sea sediments and sand are a plaything of wind and sun. This created landscapes full of magic and the only sandy deserts in Europe in which strange lizards go hunting. The steppes on the southern Wolgaufer are sparsely populated, but rich in wildlife. In abandoned farms, nature temporarily takes control: rose starlings, buzzards, ground squirrels and hoopoes find shelter and breeding grounds here.

The sun is shining over Provence and the First Dates Hotel is fully booked again today. Host Roland Trettl and his team look forward to the new guests. But what surprise is waiting for Mariella and how will she be able to handle it? Bicycle courier Berni meets nurse Juliane. The musical Viennese wants to charm his heart with his guitar.

Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) not only managed to part with her great love, billionaire Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan). She also took a job as an editor at a Seattle publisher. She enjoys her work, but her new boss Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson) shows too much interest in her. When she happens to meet Christian again, she can’t resist his charm and gets involved in a meeting. He woos her and promises: no more rules, no contractually guaranteed sex, but real feelings.


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