The Savior – We are a lawyer, …

Romy (Christina Athenstädt) and Ada (Anna Fischer) are faced with an unusual case: Raik Hellmich (Marko Dyrlich) has been in prison for manslaughter for years. He had confessed to the deed at the time. Now he claims to have lied. The reason: his wife Peggy, whom he now accuses of the fact, was pregnant at the time. Why does he want to withdraw his statement now? Romy wants to make a resumption, but the legal hurdles for such a procedure are very high in Germany. How should she find witnesses and evidence that is valid enough?

An epic battle for religious peace: the young blacksmith Balian (Orlando Bloom) loses his wife and child at the time of the Crusades. He sets off for Jerusalem to start a new life. He meets the crusader Godfrey of Ibelin (Liam Neeson), who takes him in and knights him. As a servant of King Baldwin IV (Edward Norton), Balian is now fighting against Templars and Saracens – for peace between religions.

Pakistan, 2008. Jana Wagner (Christiane Paul) works for the BND in Islamabad. It is responsible for the fight against drug dealing, with which the Islamist terror groups finance their activities from Pakistan. When she learns of an upcoming drug deal in Lahore, she contacts Colonel Baqri (Navid Negahban) from ISI (Inter-Services-Intelligence, Pakistani Military Secret Service), who is officially at the side of the West in the fight against Al Qaeda and its businesses. But instead of arresting the drug couriers and handing them over to Western intelligence agencies, the ISI has them executed.

When chief inspector Moritz Eisner (Harald Krassnitzer) is called to a murder case at a Vienna subway station, he has no idea that this day will change his professional life very much. Bibi Fellner (Adele Neuhauser) is waiting for him at the scene of the crime, whom he knows as a colleague of the moral police and who knows that she has a problem with alcohol, among other things. When she tells him that she is his new assistant, the unsuspecting Eisner falls out of the clouds.

Dr. Peter Shepard (Xander Berkeley) is a volcanologist. He and his students find out that Earth is on the verge of exodus. All volcanoes on the planet will erupt at once, burying people among themselves. But nobody believes the professor’s dystopias. Until tsunamis and eruptions trigger catastrophic moods worldwide.

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