Capital: € 7 million
Age: 64
Born: 07/01/1956
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: actor
Last updated: 2023

Short introduction

Uwe Ochsenknecht usually embodies imperfect, mischievous characters who are in a clinch with themselves and the world and ultimately fail. Ochsenknecht proves that he doesn’t always have to rely on his acting talent when performing in public, where he is often difficult to distinguish from his roles.

This kind of authenticity, which distinguishes him from many of his colleagues, is undoubtedly one of the reasons for his success with the audience. Hardly any other actor has made more films in the course of his career than he.

Early life

If Uwe Ochsenknecht’s parents had not moved from the GDR to West Germany in 1951, his life would have been very different. So he was allowed to grow up in Mannheim and go to school there.

However, his childhood was overshadowed by a very bad relationship with his father, who was extremely choleric and violent. In search of escape opportunities, Ochsenknecht discovered acting for himself. He celebrated his first acting success as an extra at the Mannheim National Theater.

Since he had neglected the high school so much that he was not transferred three times, he ultimately did not get beyond a secondary school leaving certificate. It was enough for him to be taken to the Bochum Drama School.


After successfully completing drama school, Ochsenknecht did not have to wait long before he got his first engagements in theaters and on television.

He became known to a larger audience for the first time through his involvement in the crime series “Derrick” and “Tatort”, where he was convincing as a villain.

Although such appearances in crime series are an important constant in Ochsenknecht’s career, he achieved his greatest successes with comedies or historical films such as the submarine drama “Das Boot” (1981). Even though Ochsenknecht only played a small role as a boatswain at the time, he managed to put himself in the foreground with an expressive performance.

In 1985, Ochsenknecht played one of the main roles in the comedy “Men”, which attracted six million viewers to the cinema. For this he was awarded the German Film Award for the best actor and the film band in gold

The next big success was achieved by Ochsenknecht in 1992 in the film “Schtonk!”, In which he appeared in a satirical manner as a forger of the Hitler diaries. This role earned him a Bambi.

In 1999 Ochsenknecht won the Bavarian Film Award and the German Film Award for “Football is our Life”, in which he excelled as a fanatical Schalke fan.

In 2001 he received the German TV Award for his supporting role in Johan “Hans” Ferbach. It was his last big prize for the time being, which is surprising since Ochsenknecht has contributed to numerous other films since then. He is still one of the most sought-after German actors. For example, five films with him in the lead role were released in 2019.

Career highlights

With such a large selection, it is difficult to answer which films are the highlights of Ochsenknecht’s career. What is certain is that thanks to his charisma, Ochsenknecht has the gift of being remembered by the audience in smaller roles such as that of the boatswain in the world success “Das Boot”.

In addition, Ochsenknecht gave the audience unforgettable laughs like in the film “Schtonk!”, In which he keeps the world as master forger Professor Professor Fritz Knobel in suspense with fake Hitler diaries.

The film stands out from other Ochsenknecht comedies in that it is based on a true story and critically examines the seductiveness of the masses and their fascination with evil.

Famous quotes

“Actually, it is a punishment to see yourself on the screen.”

“Women don’t want a sissy, they don’t want a housewife as a man.”

“A man cannot simply emancipate a woman’s disposition. That is nonsense.”

“I know hashish, I know cocaine, I don’t know heroin, I don’t know LSD. But LSD is a point that still itches me. Only once or twice, to expand consciousness. ”

Amazing facts

Ochsenknecht passed on his acting talent to his children like no other. This applies both to his two sons Wilson Gonzalez and Jimi Blue, and to his daughter Cheyenne Savannah

In English productions, the name Ochsenknecht is often written because of the difficult pronunciation “Oxenknecht”

In addition to filmmaking, Uwe Ochsenknecht also pursued a career as a musician throughout his life. In the 1990s, he released three albums that made it into the top 100


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