Capital: € 1 million
Age: 27
Born: May 2, 1992
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: music
Last updated: 2023

Short introduction

Vanessa Mai is a German singer who is best known as a pop singer and former front woman at Bank Wolkenfrei.

Early life

The real name Vanessa Marija Else Ferber was born on May 2nd, 1992 under the name Vanessa Marija Else in Aspach in Baden-Württemberg. Her father is of Croatian origin and was also a professional musician.

Vanessa Mai already had a passion for singing and making hits as a teenager, which is why she performed on stage with songs like “Schuld was only the Bossa Nova” while still at school. During her performances, the Mandekic native was discovered by the members of the band “Wolkenfrei”, who were considering dissolving at the time. They were so convinced of Vanessa Mai’s singing performance that they offered them entry into their band. Mai accepted the offer. In addition to the band, Vanessa also completed an apprenticeship as a media designer. Like her band members, she went to work during the day and performed in the evening.


For Vanessa Mai and her band “Wolkenfrei” the success became bigger and bigger, there were up to four evening performances a week. In 2012, however, the band had to finally disband because Mai had to struggle with health problems. After the release of cloud-free and in good health again, May started her career as a solo artist in 2015 at the age of 23.

In 2016, her successful album “Wachgekisses” from the previous year was followed by the album “Für dich”. Over the years, many more albums such as “Für dich”, “Regenbogen” and “Schlager” followed, with which Vanessa Mai was able to convince her audience that Schlager is audible even for the younger generation and that Pop and Schlager are well connected are mixing.

In addition to her hit career, Mai is also on the road as an influencer. With over 746,000 followers on Instagram, Facebook and Co., she is very successful on social networks. Furthermore, Vanessa Mai has meanwhile launched her first own natural cosmetic line under the name “Wolke 7”. In addition, she had a guest appearance for the first time on the RTL show “Freundinnen – Now more than ever” in August 2018. In addition, Vanessa Mai was allowed to sit on the jury for season 13 of the RTL casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” when she was young.

Career highlights

With the single release “Wolke 7” from the album “Wachgekisses”, Mai landed on the first place in the German charts at the beginning of her solo career. May displaced Schlager icon Helene Fischer from the chart throne and comparisons quickly arose between the two pop singers.

Another milestone in her career came in 2015: here Vanessa Mai was given the honor of being used as a new face for the campaign “My heart beats for Schlager”. Mai recorded a song with the same title for the occasion.

Vanessa Mai has had several awards during her relatively young career. In 2016, as front woman of Bank Wolkenfrei, she received ECHO Pop for the title “Wachgekisses” in the “Schlager” category and in 2017 as solo artist Die Eins der Beste in the “Shooting Star of the Year” category. Furthermore, May was able to enjoy album gold for “Meilenweit” and platinum for “Für Dich” in Germany and Austria. Her tour of the same name for the album “Für Dich” was sold out within a short time.

Famous quotes

In an interview, Vanessa Mai once said the following: “I love to be a commercial artist”. Mai means that commerce in Germany is not only to be understood negatively. For them it is a positive thing because all their idols are very commercial. Her idols include Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. For May they are commercial artists, all of whom are special in their own way. For May, commerce has nothing to do with money or the fact that sales figures are and will remain high. For Vanessa Mai, commerce means that your work hits a special nerve with people and that they are valued and liked.

Amazing facts

For those who are wondering where Vanessa Mai got her fictional surname from: in order not to enjoy too much publicity under her real name, the born Vanessa Marija Else Mandekic decided to use the name of her month of birth, May, for her career .

What is astonishing is the fact that Vanessa Mai buried her deceased rabbit Sunny on the spot of the rose bush in her garden. At least as surprising is the fact that Mai was cheated by all of her ex-friends. The missteps are said to have always forgiven them. Her current partner, Andreas Ferber, is loyal to her and also works as her manager.

In addition, Mai had worn navel, lip and ear piercings in her past. In addition, she has a fire mark in the area of the chest that she has carried with her since she was born.


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