Capital: € 60 million
Age: 70
Born: 04.09.1949
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: plastic surgeon
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Professor Doctor Werner Mang is arguably the most famous cosmetic surgeon in Germany. His clinic on Lake Constance is a pilgrimage site for celebrities who let Mang embellish them in order to improve their career opportunities.

Mang is considered one of the pioneers in this area, who carried out the first cosmetic surgery in Germany in the 1980s. Regardless of his undisputed competence, Mang knows how to market himself and to put it in the public eye. Even at the age of 70, he regularly appears in the media to promote himself and his clinic.

Early life

Werner Mang was born in Ulm in 1949. His father was a forest director. He grew up in Lindau on Lake Constance. There he attended the Bodensee Gymnasium Lindau.

After graduating from high school, he studied medicine at the Technical University of Munich. Mang was particularly interested in aesthetic medicine while still studying. He was in contact with the Brazilian cosmetic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy, who was a luminary in the field of plastic surgery.


Mang graduated from the Technical University in 1974. This was followed by training as a specialist in ear, nose and throat medicine.

After completing his specialist training in 1980, Mang turned to aesthetic medicine. These first steps also took place at the clinic of the Technical University of Munich. In 1984 his work resulted in his habilitation.

In the years that followed, Mang became one of the first doctors in Germany to perform cosmetic surgery on patients. In addition to his professional competence, his engaging nature, which he consistently used for self-marketing, helped him in patient acquisition. In addition, he published books on aesthetic medicine and sold cosmetic products.

His high profile soon attracted prominent patients to Mang’s consulting room. How many celebrities he operated on during his career is, of course, subject to medical confidentiality. Because of the negative effects on the career that the announcement of a cosmetic surgery for one or the other celebrity can lead to, the surgeries always take place with the greatest secrecy. Nevertheless, Mang repeatedly manages to become the subject of media coverage. He regularly gives interviews or talk shows.

In 1987, Mang founded the German Society for Aesthetic Medicine, of which he was president for twelve years.

Mang has been the medical director of Lake Constance Clinic since 1990, which was initially only a small private clinic with six beds. The operations were carried out in the Lindau district hospital.

Mang is also the CEO of the “Mang Medical One Clinic Group” he founded, which operates numerous clinics across Germany.

Career highlights

The highlight in Mang’s career is the Bodenseeklinik, which can be seen as his life’s work. After becoming its director in 1990, he succeeded in making the Lake Constance clinic the most famous clinic for aesthetic medicine in Germany within ten years.

The success finally culminated in the new building of the clinic, which was finally opened in 2003 as a specialist clinic for plastic-aesthetic surgery. It is equipped with fifty beds, two operating theaters, an auditorium and its own research laboratory. Up to three thousand operations are carried out there every year.

Famous quotes

“My job has given me wealth that I never dreamed of. I have achieved everything. My children are also well brought up and have a good job – my daughter is a communications scientist and my son is a qualified architect in Munich. I don’t think about money anymore. Money doesn’t make you happy either. ”

“I don’t like the age. But I’m trying to take countermeasures. The most important thing is: get out of bed in the morning! I get up at half past six every day and do sports. Activity keeps you young, brooding makes you old. ”

“There is clearly a trend back to the roots – back to naturalness. […]. It’s different with my Russian patients, they still want mega, mega. But in Europe the trend is clearly towards organic. I’m slowly adding green cosmetic surgery to it. ”

Amazing facts

Mang campaigned in a special way for the victims of the Ramstein disaster, who had often sustained severe burn injuries. He performed many of these surgeries for free

Mang fulfilled one of his patients’ unusual wish to have Brad Pitt’s face in a cosmetic operation. According to Mang, the patient later looked even better than the original

Although Mang is now 70 years old, he still does surgery himself. When asked when he wanted to stop, he finally replied that he had to be taken out of the operating room


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