The pop star has to worry about her career due to the corona crisis. Appearances have been canceled, her tour is on the brink.

We are all in a very difficult time right now, and the spread of the corona virus has made our everyday lives extremely restricted. Musicians who rely on regular live performances are currently particularly affected.

Large events and concerts are currently not allowed to take place in the foreseeable future. Kerstin Ott is also very concerned about this.

Instead of standing on stage, the hit star ("She always laughs") could only sing in her own four walls and in the shower in the past few weeks. "Of course I miss it. I was always on the go about four days a week in different cities, ”she tells“ ”

Your concert dates are canceled until August 31st. And their big tour, which should take place at the end of the year, is on the brink. Kerstin Ott is not optimistic: “At the moment we still hope that my tour can start at the end of the year. But I personally think it will be difficult. ”Hopefully the chart-topper will be uphill again soon!



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