Capital: € 4.5 million
Age: 62
Born: 07/19/1957
Country of origin: United States of America
Source of wealth: choreographer
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Bruce Darnell was born in Colorado on July 19, 1957 and is a choreographer living in Germany from the United States. Bruce Darnell also worked as a model for many well-known brands in his youth and is also a jury member on the two television programs Germany’s Next Top Model and Das Supertalent.

Early life

Bruce Darnell lived after his birth in Colorado in the USA and grew up there with his nine siblings. Bruce Darnell describes his own childhood as difficult. The reason for this was that he was tortured by his stepfather because he was the only non-biological child of his. Bruce Darnell then joined the military after school and joined the U.S. Army in 1974, where he served as a paratrooper for sixty years at the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. While still in the army, he was awarded a scholarship and so Bruce Darnell first studied sociology. After the military, Bruce Darnell went to Germany. His stepfather was stationed there as a professional soldier in Augsburg. After he first worked as a waiter in discotheques in Munich for six years, he was addressed one day and invited to a model casting. After being accepted as a model, Bruce Darnell’s career as a model started in 1983. Later he went to Cologne, where he continued his career as a model. In the years that followed, Bruce Darnell had the opportunity to run for brands like Kenzo, Issey Miyake, and Hermès at fashion shows in the cities of Paris, Milan, Tokyo, and New York. From 1990 Bruce Darnell worked as a choreographer and since then has trained models for careers on the catwalk.


In 2006 Bruce Darnell became known to the German public as a juror for the well-known ProSieben television show Germany’s Next Top Model. His occasionally affected behavior and a typical American accent play a major part in his popularity. Because of his popularity, Bruce Darnell is a popular advertising medium for the fashion brand C&A and also for the mobile operator Fonic. As of 2007, Bruce Darnell no longer performed for ProSieben in the GNTM season. For this he was able to get a guest appearance on the television station MTV, where he appeared on the MTV Designerama program. In addition, from February to March 2008 Bruce Darnell had the opportunity to moderate Bruce’s daily coaching show on Erste Deutsche Fernsehen. However, this did not live up to the expectation of strengthening the traditionally low-quality broadcasting slot, with the aim of achieving a market share of 6.4 percent in the 14- to 49-year-old age group. After broadcasting the first season with a total of 20 episodes, the program was canceled. Bruce Darnell had more success with his book Drama, Baby, Drama! How to become what you are, what came out in 2008 and made it onto the Focus bestseller list. In addition to many styling tips, this book also deals with the question of how to find yourself. In spring 2008 the book was also launched as an audio book.

Career highlights

Bruce Darnell had to cancel his participation in the first season of Das Supertalent in the same year because there were scheduling difficulties in his calendar. The well-known music producer Dieter Bohlen therefore expressed the wish that Darnell juror for the fifth season of the RTL casting show Germany is looking for the superstar. However, the broadcaster rejected this. In contrast, Bruce Darnell was placed on the show Das Supertalent from 2008 to 2010 as a jury member. In addition, he was again engaged as a professional catwalk trainer on the Heidi Klum Supermodel program in 2008 on the Swiss broadcaster 3+ TV. In 2009 Bruce Darnell launched his first Bruce perfume for men. A little later, the perfume called Darnell for women was released. In addition, in September 2011 Bruce Darnell and Natalie Horler were appointed to the jury of Deutschland sucht den Superstar. Bruce Darnell has now been on the jury of Das Supertalent since 2013. He has also signed various advertising contracts, including for the furniture association furnishing partner ring VME.

Famous quotes

  • “Let yourself go!”
  • “I’m really pissed off.”
  • “Sexy – Hot – Progressive!”
  • “Yes! Yes! Fucking cool! ”
  • “You have to be a diva on the catwalk.”
  • “You run like a path.”
  • “Great, great, great, great… boring.”
  • “I want to experience a scandal from you!”
  • “That was shit!”
  • “Until the SIM card glows.”

Amazing facts

Bruce Darnell was a skydiver in the US Army.

Bruce Darnell worked as a model himself for a long time, which allowed him to gain a great deal of experience in this area. Since then, Bruce Darnell has used this experience in his daily work, which has given him great acceptance among his colleagues. He is also popular with most models.


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