Capital: € 1.2 million
Age: 33
Born: February 11, 1987
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Youtuber
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Uwe Schüder, better known as Flying Uwe, is a German youtuber, martial artist and entrepreneur. After opening its first channel on the video platform on January 5, 2007, it can now boast over 1.4 million subscribers. Sports, nutrition and fitness were among the hallmarks of his YouTube channel. In the meantime, the man from Hamburg is also increasingly concerned with lifestyle, entrepreneurship and gaming in the context of his videos. He holds shares in several companies, with Uwe Schueder’s assets estimated at around EUR 1.2 million. The earnings from his YouTube videos alone amount to around 25,000 euros per month.

Early life

Flying Uwe was born in Hamburg on February 11th, 1987. In interviews, the Youtuber described his childhood as moved. His two parents were addicted to drugs, and his father died at the age of 21. Due to his father’s enthusiasm for martial arts, Flying Uwe also started regular training at the age of 14. To date, the hamburger has been able to prove several titles at national level. Even today he appears publicly as an MMA fighter and is also considered the wearer of the black belt in the fighting style Wun Hop Kuen Do.

Flying Uwe gained a professional career through training as a painter and painter, but also worked as a bartender. He was also awarded the title “Mr. Hamburg ”was awarded, but after repeated sexist statements in the 10th season of Big Brother he was revoked.


Flying Uwe opened his YouTube channel of the same name before his television show appearance on January 5th, 2007. There he initially uploaded self-made videos that show him practicing martial arts, but later also talked about topics in the areas of fitness and nutrition. The canal was able to show extraordinary growth early on. The cooperation with various well-known YouTube colleagues such as Albertoson also contributed to this. Flying Uwe was one of the first successful channels on the German-speaking market, whereby Uwe Schüder was one of the first web video producers in Germany to make money with his clips.

Flying Uwe opened its gaming channel “flyinguweGaming” on July 27th, 2015. There he publishes Let’s Plays on popular games and reaction clips to popular videos on the platform several times a week. With over 400,000 subscribers, this second channel also contributes to the Youtuber’s assets. The Hamburg-based Youtuber built another pillar by streaming. Live streams on the subject of gaming are broadcast several times a month on his Twitch account “flyinguwe87”.

Flying Uwe is also directly involved in several companies as a founder or partner. For example, he sells clothing through the company Smilodox, while Neosupps sells food supplements and food best tea online. In addition, as part of his work as a video producer, he is partnered with several advertising customers. In 2017, the media agency Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein imposed a fine of € 10,500 on the lack of advertising in his videos. After he deleted the videos in question, in which he advertised his own products, the process was discontinued.

Career highlights

In early 2017, Flying Uwe’s main channel on YouTube reached the one million subscriber mark. He has also appeared in several film productions since 2015, including Otto Waalkes and other Youtubers in the film “Potato Salad – Don’t Ask!” The Hamburg player also celebrated his first victory as an MMA fighter against Nenad Dunovice in February 2019. Over 35 videos of its main channel have so far broken the sound barrier of one million views. Thanks to well over four million views, his video published on October 15, 2013 for Oktoberfest 2013 is the most successful clip. Flying Uwe has been married to his wife Mina Schueder since 2017. Together they have a daughter.

Famous quotes

“I don’t like negative talk – no matter who it comes from. I have always sorted out negative people from my life. ” (

“But sport also includes the personality that needs to be developed further in order to become more experienced.” (

“You could say that if YouTube had existed back then, I would have found YouTube videos from my father.” (

Amazing facts

Flying Uwe’s stepfather was a drug dealer and was considered a good friend of his father, who had already died from the use of illegal substances.

After Flying Uwe moved into his first own apartment at the age of 19, he suffered from money problems, so that he had to live without electricity for a certain time.

Flying Uwe prefers not to follow an exact training plan and trains based on routine and feeling. He also roughly defines his respective nutrition plans.

Flying Uwe took part in the 10th season of the television show “Big Brother” at the age of 22, but was selected after 112 days.


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