Capital: € 7 million
Age: 48
Born: 11/18/1971
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Actor, comedian, presenter
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Ilka Bessin, better known as “Cindy from Marzahn”, is a German stand-up comedian and presenter from Berlin. In 2000 she invented her artificial figure and has been seen on many TV appearances and stage shows since then. Ilka Bessin was born and grew up in the former GDR. Her fictional character “Cindy from Marzahn” embodies a long-term unemployed from Berlin-Marzahn, who appears in a pink jogging suit and with a tiara on her head and draws a sarcastic view of life due to her overweight and her lack of success with men and the search for a job. With a typical Berlin snout, she reports ironic stories from her life.

Early life

Ilka Bessin was born in 1971 in Luckenwalde, Brandenburg as a child of the former German Democratic Republic. The daughter of a truck driver and a seamstress grew up under modest circumstances. After school she did an apprenticeship as a cook. With the turn in 1990, however, she lost her job in the commercial kitchen of the VEB roller bearing plant in Luckenwalde.

Then Ilka Bessin worked as a waitress in a discotheque. There she works her way up to the management. This was followed by retraining as a hotel manager. Her next job took her a step further, on the way to becoming a comedian. Ilka Bessin became an animator on a cruise ship and discovered her talent to stand on the stage and provide entertainment. After that time she returned to Berlin and was unemployed for four years.

From this time Bessin was able to draw a lot of authentic material for her later parade figure, the “Cindy from Marzahn”. Ilka Bessin was not always one of those people who can live without money worries and fear of the future.

A coincidence helped her career. She had originally wanted to apply to the Quatsch Comedy Club as a waitress, but accidentally dialed the wrong number and ended up with the person responsible for booking the stage talent. This encouraged her to perform at the Quatsch talent factory with her artificial figure. There she also celebrated her first success as a comedian. She won the annual talent competition finale in 2005. From then on, her career as a comedian in Germany picked up speed.


After this career start, things went well for Ilka Bessin. In 2009 she was the landlord “Ilka” in the comedy series “Schillerstrasse”. From 2009 to 2012 she got her own show on the RTL television station: “Cindy from Marzahn and the young savages”, which was broadcast weekly. In parallel, she worked on a live program. “Not every prince comes on horseback” was recorded in 2011 in Cottbus. With this program Bessin successfully went on a tour of Germany and enjoyed great popularity and demand nationwide.

In 2012 she appeared for the first time on the German cult television show “Wetten dass…?”, As an assistant to Markus Lanz. She held this role until mid-2013, but then announced that she would quit due to a busy schedule. Her switch to Sat.1 gave her the moderation of “Celebrity Big Brother”, together with Oliver Pocher. More live shows followed. With “Pink is bjutiful” and “Schwarz, Rot, Pink” she successfully toured all over Germany. In addition, she appeared in various films and gave the character “Barb” in the animated film “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” her voice.

In 2016 she announced that she no longer wanted to appear as “Cindy from Marzahn” and had her last appearance in Mannheim. Since then, she has been seen as a presenter and reporter in various formats without dressing up.

Career highlights

Ilka Bessin was “Cindy aus Marzahn” 2013, the golden camera in the category “Best entertainment show” as co-moderator of “Wetten, dass ..?” win. In addition to her tour success and thousands of enthusiastic fans, she won the German Comedy Award several times. In 2007 she was recognized as the best newcomer. In 2009 she won in the categories: Best TV Solo Program and Best Comedian. From 2010 to 2012, she won the Best Comedian Award each year. One of her greatest successes is her Broadway show, which started in 2014.

Ilka Bessin actually made it from a dishwasher to a millionaire. She worked her way up from poor conditions and, from a newcomer to one of the most successful comedians in Germany.

Famous quotes

“The unemployed are often treated as if they had an infectious disease.”
– Cindy from Marzahn

“I have Alzheimer’s bulimia – first I eat everything, then I forget to vomit!”
– Cindy from Marzahn

Amazing facts

Ilka Bessin published an autobiographical book in 2018:
Removed make-up: Life is beautiful – There was never any question of simple – The woman who was “Cindy from Marzahn”.

In 2019 she will go on tour again with her new solo program “Make-up and still funny” to storm the big comedy stages in Germany.


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