Capital: € 500,000
Age: 44
Born: 15.09.1974
Died: 08/16/2019
Country of origin: Lehrte-Ahlten
Source of wealth: actor
Last updated: 2023

Short introduction

Ingo Kantorek was a German amateur actor and known to the general public from the reality soap opera “Köln 50667” on RTL2. He was also very successful on social media, with several hundred thousand followers.

On August 16, 2019, Kantorek was killed in an accident on his way home from vacation. His car got out of control on the Autobahn near Sindelfingen and crashed into the guardrail at high speed.

Early life

Before Ingo Kantorek became known to a wider audience through “Köln 50667”, he was also active as a model for several years. In his spare time, he pursued various sports such as Thai boxing, football and rugby. But he preferred to spend his private time with his wife Suzana. The two got to know and love each other in 1999. In 2001 love was finally sealed with the wedding. For Kantorek, his wife was his most important pillar in life. She was, as he said several times in interviews, his best friend, his manager and the love of his life.


Ingo Kantorek’s career began many years before he was in public. When he joined the soap “Köln 50667” in 2013, he was still largely unknown, but had been active as a model for a long time.

With “Köln 50667” Ingo Kantorek was one of the main actors from the beginning and quickly became the ultimate darling of the audience. This enormous popularity among fans also enabled him to build a presence on social media. Hundreds of thousands soon followed him on Facebook, Instagram and Co. Each post was a direct glimpse into his life for his fans. Kantorek let his fans take part in everything and was therefore, like few others, a star “to touch”.

Career highlights

2013: Entry into “Köln 50667” on RTL2

2015: Moderator of the Tattomenta in Kassel

Famous quotes

“There have always been points in my life where I got a tattoo. If there was either shit or there was total hype. And when I look at it all, I know how well I am now. ”

“We had a difficult time in 2007. We both fooled like crazy, Suza was responsible for 60 employees. We did everything we could for our future together, but didn’t realize that we were running on two tracks. When we realized that, we decided to prefer earning less but having more time for each other. ”

“These are still dreams where I want to go and would like to do – but I wouldn’t give up Cologne for that.”

The quotes clearly show what kind of person Ingo Kantorek was. On the one hand he was very ambitious and worked hard for his success, but on the other hand the family and his wife went above and beyond him. He was an excellent example that a happy life is only possible when different factors such as success, friends and family are in balance. Unfortunately, this life and that of his wife Suzana ended too soon and suddenly. He remains in his fans’ memory as a likeable rocker with a sense of the family.

Amazing facts

The popularity of his career on TV was used by Kantorek to get involved in social issues. So he was a big supporter of Animals United, in their campaign against furs. He was also the founder of the music project “Freedom”, which is also supported by other celebrities and donates all proceeds to social projects.

Ingo Inor Kantorek was an avid car enthusiast. He once said about himself that since childhood he has found everything that can drive exciting. Classic cars became his great passion.


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