Capital: € 1.5 million
Age: 31
Born: 11/23/1988
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Influencer / dancer
Last updated: 2022


Julien Bam has been one of the most successful German influencers on YouTube for years. His initial videos were mostly about break dancing and dancing in general. After his beginnings and his first successes on YouTube with his dance videos, he mainly made videos in the comedy field and became even more successful as a result.

Julien’s unique humor earned him a lot of sympathy and he now has over five million subscribers on his main channel.

In the meantime, Julien has a total of four channels on YouTube (including its main channel) and more than 7.5 million subscribers across all channels.

Early life

Julien’s real name is Julien Zheng Kho Budorovits and was born in Aachen in November 1988. His brother Shawn also runs a YouTube channel, but is not yet as successful as Julien. Although he was born in Germany, he did not live in Germany continuously. In the meantime he lived with his family in Singapore because his mother is originally from Singapore. Since Julien’s family has ancestors from different countries, including China, Romania and Indonesia, he is also very fluent in languages and speaks English, German and Mandarin. His talents were encouraged at a very young age, among other things he can sing and play the guitar. He also took piano lessons for a long time.

He also works in many other areas and his hobbies include magic, skating, photography, drawing and much more. Julien also lived in Cologne for a certain period of time before moving back to his home town of Aachen, where he still lives in his own house.


Julien was actually encouraged to start filming by his brother when he started his career. In 2012, his YouTube channel really kicked off with his initial dance videos. But as early as 2011, he was a member of a four-person film crew called JuBaFilms. This group of four guys produced everything themselves, from the script to the music and editing. The skills learned in this way continue to benefit him to this day, because he claims that he has appropriated everything himself during this time.

His first own video, produced by himself, appeared on his channel in early 2012. Just two years later, he founded the “FlyingBandas Canal” with his friend Cheng Loew. In this project, he especially shines with slow-motion videos. Shortly afterwards in 2015 and 2016, due to the great success, two more channels with the names Julien Bam and Bam Crew were founded or created. Two channels namely “FlyingBandas” and “Bam Crew” are no longer active, but his two active channels are still very successful.

This is also noticeable in the subscribers, because its main channel now has almost 6 million followers. His high quality videos have won multiple awards. In 2016 he also entered the music business with a single released, the single entitled “Ai Ni” climbed to number 53 in the Austrian charts.

Career highlights

Julien already had some highlights in his career, among others he received an award from the 1 Live Krone for his video “Most Epic Dance-Moves”, he even received this award twice. He also won the German Web Video Award and was also nominated for the Kids Choice Award, which he could not win. In the following years he was used as a testimonial for a Fanta advertising campaign, and he also dubbed characters in several films such as: Despicable Me 3, Everest – A Yeti wants to go high or in the film Sonic released in 2019.

Other songs were released, but they could not build on the success of his single hit “Ai Ni”.

Amazing facts

In his long career as an influencer, musician, dancer and in the film industry, Julien was able to earn a considerable fortune. As a result, he has become a millionaire, lives in his own house in Aachen and leads the lifestyle of a young entertainer.

Julien has many tattoos that not only decorate his body, but also have meaning.

He says he likes listening to Korean pop and likes to cut his family members’ hair himself. There is also a true adventurer in him because he loves discovering new things and traveling.

Julien is a real motivator, he always motivates others around himself and also like himself. There is one point he criticizes about himself, namely that he often catches himself being a perfectionist, even though he says that there is actually no such thing as being “perfect”.

Based on these facts, you can see that Julien is a true all-rounder, so he will continue to go his way very successfully in the future!


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