Capital: € 3 million
Age: 52
Born: 11/07/1967
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Comedy
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Olaf Schubert is a German comedian, cabaret artist and musician.

Early life

Olaf Schubert was born on November 7th, 1967 in Plauen in Saxony. His real name is Michael Haubold. Haubold has imposed the name “Olaf Schubert” as an artist name.

After graduating from polytechnic high school, Schubert completed an apprenticeship as a business administrator. Since he has been enthusiastic about music since childhood, Schubert began to study architecture and music with a focus on piano after completing his apprenticeship. He kept himself afloat with several different part-time jobs and spent some time in Belarus as part of his studies. However, he broke off his studies. In 1991, Schubert, as a musician, produced his first demo tape called “Inventory – songs about the state of mind after the turning point”.


Olaf Schubert’s career as a comedian began in 1995 with “Here I Am” as his first program. In 1996 this was followed by further programs in the cabaret area with “Nativity Play” and “Feel Winning”. Schubert still presents the “Nativity Scene” every year during the Advent season. Together with the two musicians Jochen Barkas and Mr. Stephan, Schubert performed several times as “Olaf Schubert and his friends” throughout his career.

At the beginning of his career, Olaf Schubert was initially only seen as a live comedian in regional stage shows. These include the shows “Mumpitzspasmolator meets Elektroobst”, “I don’t regret anything!”, “Real people”, “Boycott”, “Radio plays with dolls” and “Inventory”. Gradually, Schubert took part more and more in television and thereby gained more attention. Several television programs and shows followed, in which he appeared. For some years now Olaf Schubert has been a regular guest on the “heute-show” at ZDF and regularly has his column called “Mahner und Rememberer” featured on the SWR3 radio station. Together with Olaf Böhme, Olaf Schubert designed the program “Olaf meets Olaf” in 2008. Between 2010 and 2012, 3sat 2 season with a total of eight programs for “Olaf TV – from Schubert to Mensch” were broadcast. At the end of August 2012, Schubert premiered his new program “SO” at the Breschke & Schuch cabaret in Dresden. Together with Oliver Welke, Olaf Schubert moderated the 14th award ceremony of the German Television Award in early October 2012. In the course of his career, Olaf Schubert was allowed to moderate and play his own television programs several times, including “” Olaf encourages ”,“ Olaf improves the world! ” and “Olafs Klub” count.

As far as his music career goes, Schubert often appears as his fictional sister, Gabi Schubert, as a drummer in the rock band “Dekadance” from Dresden. Until 2003 Schubert also had a musical engagement as Michael Rock with the band “The Rockys”.

Career highlights

His breakthrough came in 2001 with a number of guest appearances at the “Quatsch Comedy Club”, where he continued to perform regularly. Another milestone in his career with which Schubert became known throughout Germany is his appearance at “u. A. wg – Answer is requested ”. At the latest with further performances such as“ Cindy from Marzahn and The Young Savages ”,“ Night Wash ”and his own show“ Olaf TV – From Schubert to Man ”Olaf Schubert was able to make a firm statement Create a foothold in the comedy scene.

Olaf Schubert particularly attracted attention with his appearance and style, which are still his trademarks to this day. Schubert is known for his tank tops with argyle patterns in lemon yellow, blue or emerald green, under which he never wears a shirt, raised jeans in gray and his half-length and thin hair. In addition, Olaf Schubert is known for his Saxon language, his thin, slightly trembling voice, his arbitrary leaps of thought and his complicated phrasing, in which he uses wrong foreign words.

For his work, Olaf Schubert has been showered with numerous prizes and awards in recent years. In 2004 he won the Salzburg Bull and the St. Ingbert Pan, in 2005 the Thuringian Cabaret Award and in 2006 the Berlin Award of the major cabaret festival. In 2010, Schubert was able to enjoy the German cabaret award for the “cabaret” division and the German television award for his work at the “heute-show”, for which he was again awarded the German television award and the Bambi in 2014. Furthermore, between 2008 and 2014 Schubert received six German Comedy Awards for the categories “Best Newcomer”, “Best Comedy Show” and “Best Comedian”. In addition, Olaf Schubert won the Bavarian Cabaret Award for his musical achievements in 2018. Since 2014, Michael Haubold, a chairman, has been stirring up the jury of the German Comedy Award himself.

Famous quotes

“My studies were primarily a pretense of active work.” With this statement, Olaf Schubert reveals that he was not really pursuing his studies at the time.

Amazing facts

Olaf Schubert, who is also referred to in the media as the “tank top miracle”, once said that he would never wear his tank tops privately. In addition, his first sweaters are said to have been knitted by his grandmother.


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