Capital: € 13 million
Age: 42
Born: February 18, 1978
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: actor
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Oliver Pocher is a German actor, stand-up comedian and television presenter.

Early life

Pocher is the son of Gerhard and Jutta Pocher; He was born and grew up in Hanover. His parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses and he too was raised as one. In 2007, Pocher stated that unlike his parents, he was no longer in contact with the organization because he claimed to “disagree with their rules.” Reports that Pocher had attended a Waldorf school were denied by his management. Pocher has successfully completed his training as an insurance broker at Signal Iduna Bauspar AG.

During his apprenticeship, he had some part-time jobs at various radio stations and as a DJ in clubs and at family celebrations. He also appeared in the comedian group Holla-Bolla and as an entertainer for Birte Karalus, a German chat show. After completing his training, he worked for the Swiss Life Insurance and Pension Agency (today: SwissLife) and HDI Lebensversicherung AG.


Pocher’s first television appearance was on October 28, 1998 in Bärbel Schäfer’s afternoon chat show. Pocher was given 5 minutes to make the audience laugh. This was enough time for the artist to make the audience laugh. On September 29, 1999 he presented the Show Chart Surfer Trash Top 100, What’s up, Planet Viva and finally in 2002 his own show Alles Pocher,… oder was?.

From January 2003 to April 14, 2006, he presented the Rent a Pocher show on ProSieben. In 2006 he recorded the single “Schwarz und Weiss”, a song dedicated to the 2006 World Cup. A music video was made in which Oliver appeared as a spokesman for several press subjects and performed the song in front of fans in Team Germany clothing. From October 2007 to April 2009, Pocher appeared on the show by Harald Schmidt, an established late-night presenter on the television station Das Erste, under the title Schmidt and Pocher.

In 2008 his third single “Bring him home” was released. It is a song for the European Football Championship 2008. The original version is Baschi’s number 1 hit (Switzerland) “Bring en hei”. In 2009 he was assistant coach of the European team at the DEL All Star Game.

Pocher’s contract was not renewed after April 2009, which is why he was hired by Sat.1 to present his own late night show, The Oliver Pocher Show. The ratings of the program were always below the average of the broadcaster and slipped even further over time until the show was completely canceled in March 2011.

Career highlights

Oliver Pocher is often criticized for his jokes at the expense of others. After recommending plastic surgery to a woman from the “Wetten, dass… Broadcast” audience, he was sued on January 22, 2005 for damages of EUR 25,000. Although he apologized to her on the phone and repeated this apology publicly during one of his shows, he was unable to resolve this conflict out of court. On January 11, Pocher was sentenced by the Hanover District Court to a fine of 6,000 euros. The judge responsible called Pocher’s statement (“You look quite old for your age”) a “very offensive comment”. The public insult continued in January 2008 during the TV show “Johannes B. Kerner” when Pocher made fun of the woman’s appearance again and mocked the verdict. As a result, another lawsuit was filed against the entertainer. The victim’s lawyer stated that the woman was insulted and that the topic is repeatedly raised by people she encounters during her work. Pocher did not comment on this. Statements like Pocher’s may be legal in the future, as the Council of Europe advises decriminalizing insults.

Pocher caused a scandal during the ZDF program “Gottschalk & Friends” in July 2005 when he insulted Mariah Carey for the first time and later accidentally spewed water on her. He was criticized sharply by some newspapers and the responsible broadcaster for this action. Gottschalk himself remained calm and commented on the incident as follows: “Of course I don’t want to have any jokes at the expense of others during my show and I don’t want corpses to be removed from the battlefield afterwards. If you invite Pocher to your show, however, you should expect a different atmosphere than, for example, Alfred Biolek. ”

When Pocher made fun of the private life of singer Sarah Connor and her reality show, Connor sued Pocher. While the exact outcome of the lawsuit is not known, Pocher apologized to Connor. In January 2009, Pocher featured the Hitler assassin Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg on the TV program “Schmidt & Pocher”, who is portrayed by Tom Cruise in “Operation Walküre”. For this he had to deal with negative feedback, and then the broadcasting commission investigated this incident.

In February 2014 Oliver Pocher was interviewed at the Vienna Ball by Mirjam Wechselbraun with Kim Kardashian. He joked that he would only dance if “N ****** in Vienna” was played.


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