Capital: € 2 million
Age: 46
Born: 10/15/1973
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Singer, actor and moderator
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Oliver Marc Schulz was born on October 15, 1973 in Hamburg in the north of Germany. He is a German singer and songwriter, actor and moderator. He became known to a wider audience as the front man, singer and guitarist of the well-known indie rock group Olli Schulz and the dog Marie. He also appeared as a sidekick for Joko and Klaas on several shows such as Circus HalliGalli on television. In addition, Olli Schulz and his colleague satirist Jan Böhmermann have been moderating the successful podcast Fest & Flauschig on Spotify since 2016.

Early life

Olli Schulz was born in Hamburg on October 15, 1973 and grew up with his great-grandparents until he was 9, and later with his parents in Hamburg. In his childhood and youth, Olli Schulz was drawn to the stages of the world. Olli Schulz worked in Hamburg as a young adult as a stage hand and roadie for a wide variety of national and international artists.


Olli Schulz wrote the first of his songs at a very young age. He was persuaded by his long-time friend Marcus Wiebusch, who works as front man of the band Kettcar and co-owner of the label Grand Hotel van Cleef, to release his own first record with this label. So in 2003 Olli Schulz and his friend Max Schröder released the album Break my Heart, then I’ll break your legs out. In 2005 the second album, Das beige Album, was released, followed by the third album Waiting for the boomerang the following year. For the release of the album, the band switched to the well-known record label EMI.

Olli Schulz gave himself the pseudonym Bibi McBenson, under which he published several songs, such as Backstage Baby or Now You Are Well. He also released an album, which was only released on several internet exchanges as a wait for the boomerang. The band Olli Schulz and the dog Marie released their third album almost simultaneously under the same title. Olli Schulz repeatedly appeared as Bibi McBenson at concerts.

Together with Dennis Becker (Tomte, Olli Schulz and the dog Marie), Rasmus Engler (Gary) and Thorsten “Nagel” Nagelschmidt (Muff Potter), he founded the Bibi McBenson band, which supposedly played a reunion concert in Vienna in 2006 . This appearance was recorded on the occasion of the documentation Bibi Is Back and then presented in the preliminary program for Schulz ‘Tour An Evening with Olli Schulz in 2010. From 2005, Olli Schulz increasingly appeared as a soloist because Max Schröder had become a permanent member of Tomte. His fourth album, Es brennt so schön, was recorded by Olli Schulz as a solo artist. With a new album together with Olli Schulz, the musicians of the band Olli Schulz and the dog Marie 2010 planned a new collaboration with Olli Schulz. However, the plan was rejected.

In February 2009 Olli Schulz took part in the Bundesvision Song Contest with the song Mach den Bibo for Hamburg and was able to take fifth place straight away. Thanks to this song, Olli Schulz made an entry in the German single charts for the first time. He also wrote the closing song “The world has a birthday” for a radio play by the Berlin Lauscher Lounge in 2011. He also began recording his fifth album in 2010, which was released in 2012 under the title SOS – Save Olli Schulz. It reached number 32 on the charts.

In 2014, Olli Schulz recorded a new studio album in collaboration with the band around Gisbert zu Knyphausen (bass), Ben Lauber (drums) and Arne Augustin (piano, keyboards) in the Hansa recording studios in Berlin. This album got the title Feelings from the ashes and was released in early 2015. It even rose to number four in the German album charts.

Career highlights

One of the highlights in Olli Schulz’s career was his appearance at the Bundesvision Song Contest, in which he finished fifth with the song Mach den Bibo for Hamburg. Another highlight is his record “If you break my heart, I’ll break your legs”.

Famous quotes

“For example, I’m a huge Rammstein fan, to tell you briefly: But the people who are at the concert don’t even know how to open a banana.”

“Do you think women want such a lacquered guy with such perfect pants, perfect legs, perfect skin? They want a guy who shows weakness and is brittle because he also does brittle things in bed with them. ”

“If you queue for an hour for a burger, you’ve lost control of your life.”

“Alternative healing methods for the patient earth have a similar image in our society as the FDP.”

“I feel approval: the human aspirin tablet.”


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