Capital: € 2.5 million
Age: 59
Born: 09/18/1960
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: actor
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Wolfgang Bahro is a German actor, cabaret artist, voice actor and radio speaker. The actor’s fortune is estimated at around 2.5 million euros. Many of you may know Wolfgang Bahro under the name “Jo Gerner”. Since 1992, Bahro has played the role of villain “Jo Gerner” in the RTL daily soap “good times, bad times”. He is the oldest character in the popular RTL evening series.

Early life

Wolfgang Bahro was born on September 18, 1960 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf and is thoroughly Berliner. When the Berlin Wall was built, he was just one year old. He grew up in West Berlin in Charlottenburg and Spandau. His parents ran a liquor and candy shop, among other things. Today Wolfgang Bahro lives in Berlin with his wife Barbara and his 21-year-old son David Bahro.

There were early points of contact with the subject of acting and theater. Bahro made his debut in 1978, before he started his studies, with the film “Seductions” by Michael Verhoeven.


After graduating from high school, Wolfgang Bahro began studying theater and psychology at the Free University of Berlin in 1980. At the same time, he completed acting training at Professor Erika Dannhoff’s drama school, which he finished in 1984. Because of his acting success, he stopped studying at the Free University of Berlin after six semesters in order to concentrate fully on his career.

In addition to “good times, bad times”, Wolfgang Bahro is also active in the theater. Since 1989 he has played in the cabaret “porcupines”. He can also be heard in some radio plays and has released his own music CDs. With series colleague Anne Brendler (Vanessa) he recorded the song “Close Your Eyes”.

Career highlights

The highlight of Wolfgang Bahro’s career is his film role as “Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Joachim “Jo” Gerner ”at the RTL Daily Soap“ Good times, bad times ”. On December 15, 2017, Wolfgang Bahro celebrated his 25th anniversary as part of the GZSZ family and is therefore part of the series almost from the beginning. But already in 1994, GZSZ was one of the most popular evening series. In his role as a lawyer and businessman, he has now been working for “Gute Zeiten, guten Zeiten” for over 27 years. In his free time, the fieslings Jo Gerner in the series likes to make life difficult for the other soap stars at GZSZ. An end to his series role is not yet in sight.

Wolfgang Bahro is also very successful as a cabaret artist and can be seen regularly on various Berlin stages. He also contributed to numerous audio books such as “Guitar-Leas Zeitreisen”, “Das Sternentor” or “Caine”.

Famous quotes

“Since villains are generally the most popular, they are recognized more often than other characters – see Darth Vader or the James Bond villains.” (Interview with: The West)

“I’ve heard a lot about you”. This was the first sentence by Wolfgang Bahro in his role as “Jo Gerner” in the RTL daily soap “Good times, bad times”.

“I am from Berlin.” (Wolfgang Bahro on: Gendarmenmarkt)

Amazing facts

Wolfgang Bahro does not like to be addressed on the street as “Mr. Gerner”. His wife gave him a t-shirt that said, “I’m not Jo Gerner.”

Wolfgang Bahro claims to be a member of the Masonic League.

Wolfgang Bahro would go to jail for nearly 200 years for his crimes as a villain in his role in “Good Times, Bad Times”.

Wolfgang Bahro is a big fan of the Star Trek series and collects figures and spaceships from the series. He has also been invited to several Star Trek conventions where he personally met Mr. Spock & Co from the series.

Wolfgang Bahro is a sporty man and once stayed in school.


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